Exclusive Interview: Fresh off the Press With Trenel's New Release, "Drivin By."

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic Trenel! We're loving your exciting release "Drivin by." of the 'Sin Amor' EP! What was the songwriting and production process like for it?

For songwriting process came quickly and easy because as soon as I heard the beat the words "drivin' by" just came to mind and I was able to build more lyrics around it. The production process is a lot more complicated because recording it and trying to make it sound the same way in my head is a lot more tricky.  We're loving the intricate but ethereal synth and vocal textures in this! How did you come to those sounds? Were they part of the original writing process or did they come down the line? The vocal textures were apart of the original writing process because it was apart of me developing my own sound. It's so great to hear that you chose for yourself to focus on music! What had made you decide on this decision? At what point did you start diving into creating music? The decision to make music came from my love for music. Just listening to music I would break apart each song in different ways from percussion to the synth to the drums, etc. So that made me realize that creating music was something I wanted to do and develop my sound and creative abilities. I started created music back when I got my first mic in 2012. We heard that you are constantly working at improving your creativity, do you have any goals to help you achieve that? How do you plan on achieving it? The plans I have to achieve my goals are to work with different producers and reflect on what I have done in the past to see what can be improved. I plan on achieving my goals by continuously working on my craft and getting as much feedback as possible to help better and diversify my sound. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect to see a lot of new music. I am planning to drop another album and planning to do some photoshoots for my content.

Listen to "Drivin by." here.