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Exclusive Interview: Getting to Know the Music From Otitọ

Hey there Otitọ! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Back at It” is full of dark intense energy, what was the inspiration behind the lyrics? What do they mean to you?

The inspiration came from feeling counted out and written off. So the point of the record was to put the rap game on notice, I'm Back at it. The lyrics mean a lot to me, they're affirmations so to speak. I'm speaking these things into existence. The mindset, the drive, and most importantly my determination not to lose! No matter the obstacles, I'm here, I'm back at it.

We are loving your incredibly tight flow here, what is your process like for writing out a performance? Do you freestyle it and feel it out or do you write out the words first?

Thanks, I definitely appreciate that! What goes into my writing process, is just me feeling the beat out. It has to speak to me or I really won't connect with it. I hardly ever sit down and write, but I don't consider what I do freestyle either. I just build the songs in my head. I'll get 2-4 bars, memorize them, then add 2-4 more. So on and so forth. Just stacking layers on top of each other mentally until I have a whole verse or record. I use the sound recorder on my phone sometimes as well. I feel like the listener feels the lyrics more when it's genuine and not sounding like I'm reading off a sheet of paper.

Your rap tone has a super unique tone to it, how did you discover your talent and passion for music? Did you always sound like how you do now?

I discovered it at a young age. I've been a music lover and had a passion for it forever. The earliest I can remember is 4 or 5yrs old. I can't remember a time in my life when this wasn't what I wanted to do. And no, I haven't always sounded like I do now. I've grown a lot over the years as a person and as an artist. My music has reaped the benefits from that, for sure.

Being a Georgia native, did you ever find that by being a rap artist you stood out from the crowd there of primarily folk artists? What are some of the ways you went and found your voice?

Yea, I have never sounded like anybody else. I always pride myself on being different. The message in my music, my sound, etc. I've always loved up north hip hop but being born and raised in Georgia, an hr north of Atlanta, we've always had a different vibe. So at this point in my artistry, I'm experimenting with both those aspects. That's the foundation.

There is a great little soulful flair to your music that keeps things very honest sounding, was there a particular artist or idol that inspired this? Or was there something else that inspired this flavor to your music?

I'm sure there are many reasons for it, I couldn't pinpoint one though. Malcolm X would be a major factor, I have always been inspired and admired how genuine, direct, and precise he was in every speech and interview I've watched on him. Outside of that, I'd say my personality and spiritual beliefs. Walking and living in Truth and harmony are two aspects of the 7 principles of Ma'at. I try to embody those principles to the fullest. 

Listen to “Back at It” here.


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