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Exclusive Interview: Kettie Munroe Reveals Her New EP “Indigo”

Hey Kettie Munroe! We’re loving your EP “Indigo”! What was the main concept behind this project?

Thank you! The main concept behind this project was futuristic & retro. Most of the songs are either dance tracks or ballads ! I wanted to step away from the urban productions that I had in my first EP, Venus Flytrap. 

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I hope that my fans take away a lot of authenticity and the strength to be themselves . My music is fun & rational.. I’m not a huge fan of the fake love song lullabies. I tell the truth with extra studs & glitter! 

What does the track “Freefall” represent for you? Can you dive into the lyrics and tell us the meaning behind it?

The track Free fall was a ballad written about mental health . It’s a song that breaks down the stages of dealing with that state of mind . It’s the only song on the EP that was written for me ( all the other tracks I wrote myself ) the lyrics were written by Raul Ortiz who is one half of the Key Playerz that produced the EP. 

“Don’t listen to the voice in your head ,

What she said is all lies , she said go ahead and take a swim , the waters fine “ 

Those specific lyrics talk about the mind games that can be played during those stages of dealing with mental health. The music is uplifting & soothing.

(Your not alone is the message) 

Which track from “Indigo” would you say in the most personal to you? Why?

The most personal track for me on the EP would be STAY! It talks about a narcissist. In the past of dealt with relationships where I stayed in it because I felt as if being alone wasn’t enough . The toxic behaviors that would occur during those times made me realize this was a person who literally lived off of being controlling and playing the victim at the same time. I was tired of being an option ( and a mental punching bag ).


When I wrote stay it was my way of being relived and escaping that downward spiral. 

Did you hone your vocal style over time or have you always had a natural ability to sing?

I’ve always had the natural ability to sin! However I’ve toned my vocal style overtime as well. My vocal  teacher , Chris Waller who’s trained Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown has been my biggest blessing in my career . He taught me how valuable the vocals are and how important it is to eat right and breathe correctly in order to fully use its power. When I record I always want to out sing my record live! It’s always the goal. No matter how naturally talented you are, you always want to train your most powerful tool to be greater. 

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward? What’s next for you?

Oh boy! 

I’m just string started.. I do hop to get some awesome collaborations done as well as be able to perform at bigger festivals like Coachella, SXSW.

I would like to write doe other pop acts as well. It’s always been a goal of mine. Traveling is also huge for me and is one of my biggest writing inspirations. More music on the radio and songs on the charts ! Maybe I’ll get to rub elbows with Lady Gaga some day. :) 


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