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Exclusive Interview: Kojau Gears up for a Big Year of Music

Hey Kojau! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. Talk to us a little about your stage name. What's the story behind "Kojau"? I picked my stage name based off of my initials "COJO", but that was already taken, as was "KOJO", so ultimately I sought for spelling it differently. In hindsight I probably could've also gone with Kojoe hahaha We really enjoyed listening to your new single "Zip Code". What does this song mean to you? Zip Code is probably one of my better songs, and it shuffled through different song titles before I fixed on 'Zip Code'. This song is all about having a thing with a girl but she seems like she's doing her own thing most of the time. It feels like she's holding back and getting her to come and hang out is a challenge, because she always has an excuse. That's why in the song, I only let her know that I'm coming to hang out when it's too late for her to come up with a reasonable excuse! I went with the title Zip Code because it was easier to rhyme with, and it's unique. What's the message you're trying to deliver to your fans through "Zip Code"?  Ultimately the song is a sadboi anthem about trying to show a girl that you're more serious than she realizes and she should take that into consideration. Additionally, from her perspective, she needs to not have one foot out the door. You mentioned there might be an EP coming for 2020! What can we expect to see from you during this process? The EP will be out in about a month's time, so early 2020 will be full of promo and maybe a couple of shows. It's a joint EP with a buddy of mine, Glou, and we're also looking into merchandise ideas to roll out as the summer approaches. There might be a follow-up single as well, who knows... For someone who's just starting to follow their musical dreams as you have, what advice would you give them?

If you're starting to pursue your dreams, whatever they are, 'embrace the ugly'. When you start out, you're not gonna be very good, and it's with practice and dedication that you'll improve and get to where you wanna be. It can be discouraging but the difference will be in using that as motivation to keep working at it.

Listen to Kojau here.


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