Exclusive Interview: nÜ nÜ!

Hey there nÜ nÜ! It's great we have a chance to catch up with you and your music! How has the overall release of your latest single "Antidote" gone?

Hey guys!  Great to hear for you!  The release of "Antidote" has been a complete success.   We're almost at 50k streams and still going!  Thank you so much for your support with this release.  Really it's been all about the small steps towards success and I feel like the ball is really rolling now.   

The sounds in "Antidote" are incredible--ranging from your voice to the actual production itself! What kind of element do you think is integral to your uniqueness within music?

Thanks!   I'm always looking for weird sounds, whether they be found out in the real world or manufactured on my computer.   I think my love of interesting and weird textures brings some uniqueness to my music...hopefully!  

You create a very modern and contemporary EDM/Pop feel to your music. Would you predominantly refine your artistry to this category?

Yes for sure!  I feel like I'm finally on my way of defining my own sound, although I still have a long ways to go before I'm truly happy with it.  

If you could make a collaborative album with any artist of your choosing, who would you pick? How do you think this artist complements your creative side?

Hmmmm.  Damn that's a toughy.   I mean if I can choose anybody I'm going Kanye for sure.   I'm a bit of an introvert, so I think he'd be quite complimentary and he seems like a powerhouse of energy for sure. Plus, he's a production genius!  

What's coming up next for you as an artist?

I'm going to keep on growing, creating, releasing, and repeat.   Hopefully will be spending some time perfecting a live show and hit the road to spread some nÜ nÜ across the land.   

Listen to "Antidote" here!


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