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Exclusive Interview: Pierre Giovanni Talks His New Single “Exotic”, Upcoming Projects & More

Hey Pierre Giovanni. Welcome back to BuzzMusic! In what ways have your producing skills elevated since 2018? How does this growth translate between your songs “Bad Intentions” and “Exotic”?

I would have to say just consistent practice to be honest. Everyday after class or work, I would be on my laptop working on music and putting in long hours and all-nighters into it. From then to now, the growth stemmed from me becoming more experimental and versatile with my sound. I became more confident in my abilities and realized my voice is like a gift.

What was the major inspiration for your single “Exotic”? What was the intended approach you wanted to go for this song?

To be completely honest the beat itself was the main inspiration because i was search for beats one day and came across this one and loved the melody of it. I began freestyling over the beat, to see where i could go with it and the hook just came out of now where. I wanted the song to fit the project and theme of it so, the lyrics had to make sense for it. I wanted to make something that was dark and melodic that could complement my high melodic voice.

In what ways do you challenge yourself and how do you grow from the challenge Pierre Giovanni?

I challenge myself to create something new and creative to distance myself from other artist. You here artist that will try to create the same song with the same drum pattern, the same flow and delivery, etc. I try to stay away from that by hopping trying to create new topics, new sounds, beats, etc. And it helps me grow as an artist because i find out new things that i didnt know i could do with my voice how to use it.

Let’s talk about your new upcoming project “ITS DVRK OUT”. can you describe to us the concept of this? What can we expect from this?

I don't want to give everything away but what I can say is that it will give you an Interstellar, spacey type feel when you listen. You can expect hits on it, crazy production on it, like insane production, me using my voice as an instrument on every track and more.

What can fans anticipate to see next from you, Pierre?

New music coming soon.

Listen to "Exotic" here.



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