Exclusive Interview: Revolt Coda From Chicago

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Revolt Coda. how has the journey been so far as a band? what are some main challenges you guys face and how do you overcome these obstacles?

Thank you so much for talking to us, you guys have been so supportive of our band and we are so appreciative. I’m Zac Conforti, the singer and guitarist of the band. The journey has been wild, we have played hundreds of shows, played SXSW, had many line up changes, and just released our first record. It’s a been a crazy ride but we’re so excited for what the future holds. Some challenges are just balancing our every day lives outside of the band while maintaining focus on the band, building buzz in other cities other than our home town of Chicago, but the new record has definitely helped. 

How do you manage to fuse together the multiple personalities into one unit that makes Revolt Coda?

All four of us are part of the creative process so it really helps us all contribute to create our own original sound.

Are there any bands you would consider influences or major inspirations for you?

Absolutely we’re all fans of the classics. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Metallica, The Beatles, etc.  but when it comes to newer jams... I can’t speak for everyone but I personally have seen Portugal. The Man 30 times. Haha even the band members themselves know I love them. Tame Impala is another huge favorite, just saw them at Lollapalooza last week. Crazy to think I saw them on the smallest stage 10 years ago, and now I just saw them headline the festival I grew up going to. Surreal. Epic experience to watch them grow, and inspiration for us to get on that level one day. 

How would you describe your musicality? What makes your songs so unique?

I think what makes our sound unique is that we aren’t one genre. We all bring different influences and styles of song writing to the table but we find a way to create a cohesive sound. 

What's next for Revolt Coda?

We just put out the record. We have got nothing but great feedback on it, so we’re so thankful for everyone who listens. We got some more new tunes in the works already, and our planning to hit our region a bit. Play for people in Iowa City, Milwaukee, Nashville, before eventually coming out to California and coming to play for you guys! Let’s set it up ASAP! Thanks again for talking with us! 

Check out Revolt Coda's new EP "Juxtaposed" here!

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