Exclusive Interview: rIVerse!

What's going on rIVerse?! How's the music scene been for you since we last featured you on BuzzMusic?!

Things are going so well for us since we last interviewed. We are grateful everyday for the life we are living. We have been performing in front of tons of new audiences, we've reached some amazing milestones across our social media platforms, and of course we just released our newest single, 'Clapback SZN' and the response has been amazing. 

"Clapback SZN" is voluptous, energetic and alluring in all ways! We're loving the attitude and tempos of the track, and how uplifted it can make you feel as a listener! What was the intended curated atmosphere for listeners when listening to this song?

The strong dance vibe in "Clapback SZN" sets the general mood to help listeners feel empowered to take a stand and speak out against the ubiquitous Internet Troll. Listeners tell us the song makes them feel energized, fierce, and ready to "clap back."

What was the main goal of "Clapback SZN" and the message it was intending to project?

This song was inspired by an online exchange between rap superstar Cardi B and one of her "fans." Dizz decided to write a song that could become a declaration for anyone who needed to "clap back" at a hater. He also used some of his/rIVerse's own experiences with online trolls as inspiration. It is all too easy to spread hate and negativity online these days, without really worrying about consequences. While rIVerse actively chooses not to engage with any online bullying or social media "battles," we wanted to remind people that they still have power to speak out against the trolls. 

We love the prime funky and soulful elements integrated all throughout "Clapback SZN". We really thought this skillful integration of dance-like aspects being added in! Were you trying to go more for an electric and funky execution with this particular track?

rIVerse loves 90s music and we often find inspiration pulling elements from that era of music. With Clapback SZN, we loved creating a song with such fire that has a strong 90s dance vibe as well as vogue/ballroom flavourings -- both sounds are nostalgic of when we were growing up, but also are relevant to what is happening in today's culture. And, of course, we will always have the smooth harmonies and R&B vocals that are signature rIVerse sounds! 

We're aware that rIVerse's platform is used to communicate with listeners. What would say has been some of the most important messages you've tried to integrate within the music for listeners?

The biggest message rIVerse shares, through all that we create, is self-love and self-acceptance. The declaration we make with the IV League (our fans) is #BWVL - I am Beautiful, I am Worthy, I am Valued and I am Loved. Whether it's in the specific lyrics of a song, the general mood of the song, or simply just by being our authentic selves and offering inspiration for others to do the same, rIVerse tries to always share that message with any audience we find. 

6) What are next steps now for rIVerse?

The immediate priority is working on the official music video for 'Clapback SZN' - we are really excited to get this visual together and out for the world to see. People have been requesting it ever since the song dropped, so we can't wait to finally share it! We are also working on traveling in the near future, connecting with the IV League throughout North America and the world. And, as always, working on new music for our upcoming projects. 

Check out "Clapback SZN" here! and keep up with rIVerse through social media: