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Exclusive Interview: The Brand New Single "Collections" From Algorhythm

Hey Algorhythm, welcome to BuzzMusic! Just off your latest single “Collections”, we’re easily able to grasp Algorhythm’s textured creativity. What made Algorhythm want to release a dynamic piano instrumental, rather than your usual 5-piece sound?

We felt like it was time to present the leader of the band under a different angle. The EP that we released last year was quite upbeat and very energetically driving. The single that we released earlier this year "Earth" is rather on the experimental side. So, this was the perfect time to put forward something completely different. And we have more explorative material on the way.

We can’t help but hear an authentic and talented blend of jazz and classical off Algorhythm’s latest single “Collections”. Could you share how frontman Alexander Lioubimenko went about composing the melodies for “Collections” and how you planned to shift back and forth between jazz and classical?

The piece that brings everything together is the interlude theme between each contrasting section. Everything in between came naturally in a spontaneous manner. I tend to compose in splurges that seem to flow naturally. Collections was born in this same manner, all that I had to do was tie the pieces together in a logical way.

In regards to Algorhythm’s recent single “Collections”, even though the track consists of complex piano playing, did you want to infuse a storyline within the song? Did you have any initial inspirations that fuelled the fire for creating “Collections’?

Collections is a song that speaks of putting aside our differences and living in harmony. We may be different in appearance, culture, etc., yet there is one element that brings us together and that is our humanity. Off-hand, the various sections in Collections are coming from completely contrasting genres and styles, yet they all coexist in the piece itself. It just goes to show that the freedom we have in music allows us to pretty much do virtually anything. Our music has no limits or at least we'd like to think so ;)

With a 5-piece prog-rock/jazz sound on the majority of Algorhythm’s songs, could you share what makes your band’s style different from other prog-rock bands today?

Our style differs from other prog-rock bands primarily because we rely on improvisation as a means of exploration and we have a very prominent jazz influence. Our live performances - even if we were to play the same setlist - are never the same since the improvisational element is so important. We have a strong thematic which is space/exploration that we try to convey in our music and in fact in everything that we put out. Our music is highly adaptive and is inspired by a variety of different genres that go beyond classical and jazz music. 



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