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Who Is Livvy K? Getting To Know The Rising Popstar & Her Release, “Way I Do”

We’re extremely excited to feature your latest single, “Way I Do.” Could you share with us what inspired the

empowering song?

Like all my songs, they are based on true stories. My music is not only how I express my emotions but a way to use my voice and speak to people who feel the same and have been through similar situations in life! That’s the best part about what I do!! Now my new single, “Way I Do,” is about how love makes us do crazy things, and sometimes we can get too carried away with our feelings that we fall head over heels for the wrong Guy or Gal! I know a lot of us have been there, so this can be our anthem, haha! It’s a great feel-good song to blast in the car and sings at the top of your voice! It may be my favorite single I’ve released yet!!

“Way I Do” was co-written with you, John Gillette and Soli Ridge. Could you take us through your creative process when co-writing?

Co-writing is so much fun. Being in the room with other creatives and artists and being able to share ideas and bounce lyrics and melodies back and forth is something I really really enjoy and learn from every time I'm in the room. That's exactly what we did; we all just sat in the studio and bounced ideas back and forth until we got something that felt right and we were happy with.

You had a few outfit changes during the music video, you’re very stylish! Any fashion icon’s that you take after?

I’d describe my style as being bold and colorful with a sporty/edgy vibe. I love wearing items of clothing that really stand out from the crowd and create conversation! So for me, some fashion icons that inspire me are people like Lady Gaga, Virgil Abloh, and Tommy Hilfiger.

You sing, dance, and act - a triple threat! Even a model too! You’re clearly hard-working. Have you always had this perseverance? What inspired you to be doing everything that you are?

To be honest, I have always just been a very creative person, so from a young age; I knew that my career would be something along with the lines. I do work very hard when it comes to my career and the legacy I want to leave, but that is what it takes, especially in the music industry. You have to outwork each and every day. My major inspiration would probably be the vision in my head. That is what keeps me focused, dedicated and hard working for sure!

What can we expect to see next from Livvy K?

2020 has been crazy so far; with my first UK tour, brand new music, and video dropping, it has been full speed ahead! But that is just the beginning. You can expect lots of exciting new music, visuals, and performances. I can't wait for you all to see what the team and I have been working hard on.


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