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Exclusive Interview With Artist Hotwork On Recent Music!

Hey Hotwork! Tell us all about your new track “Part Time"!? What inspired it?

I like to think of “Part Time” as a ‘west coast pop banger love ballad’.  What inspired the song was people’s constant obsession with their phones and their image leading to an overall lack of connection. I was also dating someone at the time that this was written, and she was throwing out all kinds of mixed signals making the line too hard to define so it’s inspired by that as well.

I wrote the song with Jonah Weinreich and Jack Polson well over a year ago. We produced it out immediately and the song has pretty much been in its current state since then.

Will there be an upcoming music video to match? 

Yes! The video comes out Friday, September 27th. 

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

This song, “Part Time”, is the song I’d choose. I’ve been working hard over the last year really trying to refine my craft and create a cohesive vibe across my music. I feel like I’ve finally been able to find that sound with this song, and the releases I have set to follow.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

To create better music every day and continue growing my platform so that music can reach more people. Touring will definitely be the focus as I roll out more and more tracks from the new record. We’re currently booking dates for a run that’s slated for late 2019.

Another goal of mine as an artist/producer is to chart on the Hot 100. I’m ready for my music to reach millions; that’s why I’ve been a lot more interested in scoring films and television as well lately. It exposes your sound to an even broader audience. A huge part of my process lies in collaboration with other artists. I’m learning as I find my own sound, I also inherently aid those to find theirs as well. It’s in that space where I know I have a potential hit on my hands and that’s what’s kept it really exciting for me. 

What do you think sets you apart from mainstream music today?

Hotwork’s sound has always been about keeping the heart of the traditional singer/songwriter vibe and marrying it with the synthesized electronic sound we hear popularized today. I like to think of my beats as literal punctuation to the stories being told. And I don’t shy away from effects on the vocals, rather I lean into them almost as a way to field the emotions and convey tone.

What do you hope to achieve through the remainder of 2019?

I want to keep expanding my network of amazing collaborators and I want to write 10x as many songs as I did this year. I will be continuing to play good shows in and around the Los Angeles area collaborating with other dope artists. See you out there.


Listen to "Part Time" here, and keep connected with Hotwork & his latest music via social media:

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