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Exclusive Interview With Canadian Songstress Tenna!

Welcome Tenna to Buzzmusic! In what ways has your experience performing in talent competitions and open mics during your upbringing helped shaped you into the artist you are today?

Thanks for having me Buzz! I think performing has definitely allowed me to share my music with others, which is really important to me. I feel that performing really allows me to share not only my music, but also my emotions and passion with the audience. I think passion and feeling are everything when it comes to music. Even before I started performing my original music, I still felt connected to everything I would perform because I chose songs that made me truly feel something and I think that made the audience feel something as well.

What was the most challenging aspect in writing your upcoming EP and how were you able to overcome this obstacle?

I think the most challenging part was writing the song "Why Didn't You?" which I wrote about sexual assault and victim blaming. Of course this topic is very hard to discuss, but I think think it's very important to raise awareness. I also think this song was the hardest to write because I wanted to draw attention to the fact that victims are often, if not almost always, blamed in these situations. People often comment on what the victim was wearing or whether the victim fought back. People seem to be asking the wrong questions and are ignoring the real issue at hand, which is the perpetrator's actions. When I wrote the song, I found it very hard to show it to people at first, but I'm really happy with it and I can't wait to release it!

Let's talk about your upcoming release "Skies". What can the listeners expect from the production portion of the song?

The production in "Skies" has a beachy and very romantic feel to it. We decided not to use as many drums in the song to not take away from the feeling of the song. A lot of elements in the song emphasized the vocal, which is exactly what I wanted.

What truly inspired you to write "Skies" and in what ways were you able to personally relate?

The inspiration for "Skies" came from a long distance relationship. It is about how even when we know something isn't as good as it seems or isn't working, we still try and make it work. Also, I believe that a lot of people try and blame the problems in a relationship on distance when it's really just a distraction from the real problems. At the end of the day if a relationship is right, no amount of distance can change that. If the person is your person, then that's it.

What's the next step for you Tenna?

I am currently working on new music and my music video for "Why Didn't You?" which will be released late October/early November. My whole EP will be out in October, which I'm really excited for. I can't wait for everyone to hear the music.

Check out Tenna's brand new song "Skies" here!


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