Exclusive Interview With Comb The Desert!

Comb The Desert! We're excited to be featuring your musical offerings on BuzzMusic! To get started, can you explain to our readers what Comb The Desert is all about?

Thank you BuzzMusic for showcasing our new material. Simply put, we are 4 best friends from New Jersey playing music we loved when we were younger and still enjoy today. We loosely label ourselves a punk band with alternative metal and hardcore elements.

"Mudflood" is one of the first tracks we listened to by you guys. It's hard-hitting in all the right ways, and really speaks to the essence of Punk music culture. If listeners could only listen to one song by the band, would "Mudflood" be the song?

Our advice to our listeners is to listen. Listen to everything to get the big picture. Then find the one song that speaks to you. If it’s ‘Mudflood’ then awesome. If it’s ‘Walken Shoes’ from our first EP.. respect!’

Venturing on to other tracks by the band, we came across "God Is A Woman". Where did your inspiration stem from for this particular track?

The song "God Is A Woman" symbolically relates to the world we all live in. God (really, the earth) is a Woman. When we treat her badly, she reacts; not so kindly as we all know.

"Essential Spoils" was electrifying in every way possible! How did your initial vision for this track unravel as a group?

Well we wanted to try writing a more groove driven track like we did for the "Humannoyed" EP. Something more up-beat that can get our listeners engaged then extend that to our live set.

Tell us how the atmosphere of your performances are?! Is the crowd surged with the energy presented in your tracks?

That angsty and party-esque vibe we deliver ultimately depends on the crowd in front of us. We perform at lots of different venues. Some are really big rooms and some are small DIY spaces. We find that the closer we are to our audience the crazier and more intense it can get.

Can listeners expect to hear about any upcoming singles or shows in the near future?

Comb The Desert plans on playing 1 to 2 shows per month for the rest of this year. We certainly have some bangers coming up with some great bands so if you are looking for a good time, definitely look out on our facebook page for those events.


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