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Exclusive Interview With Los Angeles Based Band: Scenic Underground

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic Scenic Underground! You're making waves in the Los Angeles music scene! Could you tell our readers, how did Scenic Underground form and what would you like new listeners to know about the band?

Scenic Underground consists of Joel Herr (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Alfredo “Alfie” Lucero Canaan (Bass and Background Vocals), and Theron Lynott (Drums and Background Vocals). Joel started the project in 2012 with a different lineup. However,  the band was put on hiatus because the other members moved away. Then Joel focused as a solo artist and started collaborating with Theron. Theron recommended me (Alfie) to join after some discussion to re-brand the project into a power rock trio. Scenic Underground was born fall of 2015, and it was a very natural collaboration between all of us. We released “Do It for Yourself” EP in 2017 with the production of AJ Oliveira. Since its inception, Scenic Underground has performed in many venues around Los Angeles; including Hotel Cafe, Good Times at Davey Waynes, Molly Malone’s and the Silverlake Lounge. Currently, the band is working on the first full-length album, to be released in 2020, alongside LA producer, Jesse Holsapple.

Los Angeles is a huge hub for music. Would you say that your environment of being based in Los Angeles plays a big part in your creative process while creating new music?

Los Angeles is a huge part of the creative process. All three of us come from very different musical backgrounds, but still enjoy the same kind of music. We all love Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys and many more bands. For instance, I come from a punk and metal background that adopted jazz and other styles later in my life. However, I know Theron loves Big Band Swing and Country. This city is great in the sense that there’s always something going on, yet it has everything to offer in terms of available music. There’s so much music and so many musicians with completely different styles and attitudes. I feel Scenic is lucky that it managed to find three musicians with no ego and genuine love and passion to create and collaborate.  

What would you say is your favorite part about performing live? What is a concert like from Scenic Underground? Do you have any favorite venues that you've performed at?

My favorite part has to be just jamming with Theron. When the drums and bass locks in and just gets that groove going, it’s the best feeling in the world. Although, when people cheer and dance along is always great too. A Scenic Underground concert is a tight, energetic, and sonically filled out. It consists of bitchin’ guitar solos, fat drum and bass grooves, interesting and beautiful vocal harmonies, and overall a good time. As a band, we all agree Molly Malone’s holds a special place for us. We always have a great experience in that venus, and it sounds amazing too. My other personal favorite is Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Hollywood; that spot is a mood. 

We love your song “Another Way to Survive". Your live studio recording really captured the song perfectly. Can you tell us the meaning behind “Another Way to Survive”?

“Another Way” is an energetic song designed with many textures. "Another Way To Survive" is about two people (might be lovers, might be friends, open to interpretation) who find themselves tired of the artificial nature of the modern world, and who have had their share of disappointments in life. The song's lyrics are one person expressing to the other how they have helped them stay hopeful and keep going forward despite the challenges. As the song continues into the pre-chorus and chorus, it continues by inviting the other to not lose hope, and stay open to the surprises life and love can bring them. It's ultimately a song about not giving up on the important things in life such as hopes, dreams, and love.

Thank you for talking with us Scenic Underground, it's been a pleasure! We know you're busy working on new music! What can we expect to hear next from you? 

We are working on a full-length album with producer Jesse Holsapple. We are finishing the vocals and moving towards mixing/mastering once that’s completed. In addition, we are working in shooting a couple of music videos (including a cover or two) with an acoustic setting.

Listen to Scenic Underground here!



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