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Exclusive: Mother Rose Get Ready to Release Their New Album 'The Man In All My Stories'

Mother Rose is a modern alternative rock band from LA. Their style fuses acoustic indie to pulsing progressive rock. Mother Rose's sound features a very elegant yet intricate enraged vocal that feels both familiar and refreshing and high energy musical instrumentation performances. Their live shows perfectly encompass the high energy of their shows making them a must-see band in the LA area.

On March 7th of 2020 Mother Rose will be having the release party for their new album 'The Man In All My Stories' at the Epic Lounge. Opening for Mother Rose will be Midnight Motives and Order of the Diamond, this is a release party that you do not want to miss! If you enjoy high energy, good music, free parking, good drinks then this will be the perfect way to spend your Saturday. Off the new album, "A Better Man" is a fantastic tune that is exactly what you'd be wanting from a high energy alternative rock song but with Mother Rose's signature style fused within. The song features heavy moving drums, an edgy yet balanced vocal, and hard-hitting guitars. We can't wait to hear the rest of the album, there will be a song for everyone on 'The Man In All My Stories.'

Listen to "A Better Man" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mother Rose! We're very excited about your new album and release party! Could you talk to us a bit about the writing and production process for the album? How long has it been in the works? Thank you for having us, BuzzMusic! Yes, this album has been about 3 years in the making and oh man, it was a crazy experience! It started with us going into a hiatus at the end of 2015, and then going into the studio to write a bunch of songs in 2017. We officially started recording the songs in February of 2018, and we’re finally releasing this sucker now, in 2020. We took our sweet time with these songs, and we hope people will love them as much as we do.

It might feel both exhausting and relieving to finally have the album done! Are there any interesting stories that you'd be able to share with us? During all of that, we lost a drummer, we gained a drummer, we lost that drummer, and then gained our old drummer back; some of us got married, one of us got a minor heart attack, one of us built a whole entertainment media production empire, we all got a bunch of new equipment, and now we cannot wait to perform again after so long!

The band's style has such a unique yet aggressive hard-hitting sound, are there any influences that inspired the sound? Any idols that are looked up to? Individually, every one of us has a different musical preference—one of us is a metalhead, one of us is a Spanish rocker, one of us is a punk, one of us is into psychedelic rock, and one of us is into Tom Waits! Specifically, though, the top 3 influences for our style and this album would be Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam, and The Beatles.

After all this time working on the album, and then the release party, is there anything new planned for Mother Rose? Are there any goals that the band would like to achieve in 2020? We are definitely shooting to hit the Troubadour, Echo Rising, go back to the Slidebar in Fullerton, and put together an LA tour to play some great venues and bars to continue playing our new music and gather more listeners/ fans. One day get to perform at Coachella and play a set or play along some of our favorite artists/bands. Mainly create a name for ourselves and work hard to be the next big thing.

Can you tell our readers about your album release listening party happening on March 7th?

Our album listening party/show is our showcase and event to show our friends, family, fans and new listeners our first full-length album “The Man In All My Stories” and present a new set of music live that we have work on these past few years. We’re happy to have our host Walter Reyes, our two supporting acts Order Of The Diamond and Midnight Motives followed by our DJ for the night LinusDayz presents a memorable night for all of us and celebrate the hard work we have put to this album/event.


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