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Exclusive Q&A With Miranda Lopez

We love your new song “Pray”. Can you tell the readers more about the meaning of the lyrics? What inspired it?

Thanks so much! I hope other people like it too! I am super proud of it and it's a powerful song to me. I think many will be able to relate to it also.

The track is about the power of having a history with someone, how tempting it is to go back to that person that knows so much about you and the feeling that despite everything you've been through in that relationship, you'd do it all again in an instant. 

The song is essentially an attempt at convincing yourself to not give into the temptation that we've all faced: wanting to revisit that one situation/relationship that we cannot seem to let go of; that can be intense and exciting but often damaging.

Who are you top three musical influences?

Artists like London Grammar and Lorde are huge influences for me. They both create extremely powerful and complex sounds.

But I listen to a hell of a lot of music and I think what inspires me in any genre is seeing passion flow out of someone, through melody, lyrics, production etc. I think having pure love and commitment for what you're creating always shows and that's what inspires me regardless of genre. That is something one nurtures and develops, it's not something that comes easily or that can be taught.

I am often drawn to the alternative genre and I love strong female vocals.

I tend to draw on different genres when composing to try and create my own sound and this latest single definitely has some classical influences particularly in the strings, which I love.

How do you continue to feed your passion for music everyday?

I listen to music CONSTANTLY. Of all genres. Headphones are glued to my ears 90% of the time. It is through listening that I become inspired: by lyrics, by a random sequence of notes in a song, by the sound that certain vocals make; and from that I learn how to create. 

I also try and go to as many gigs as possible, especially of up and coming artists; as well as write music most days. Mostly just melody lines here and there because it's a very cathartic process and also helps improve my composition skills.

I am always surrounded by music in one format or another. That is how I feed my passion every single day.

What are a few things you want the readers and fans to know about you, personally?

Just how much passion, blood, sweat and tears goes into every track I release. From the first voice note of the melody idea that I record on my phone, to it being on Spotify is one hell of a journey and I love every minute of it. I would never release anything that I wasn't obsessed with and that I thought (at least some) people would really love and be inspired by.

I write so often and so much that most of it just sits on my laptop, but every once in a while I fall in love with a melody and I become obsessed with sharing it, both my singles thus far have been a product of this and it honestly fills me with such joy that other people are enjoying them with me! It's an insane feeling.

Are these two successful singles leading up to a full EP in the near future?

I've decided to just release singles for the time being as I am actually about to graduate from university so it was tricky to balance that with music, but who knows! Perhaps I'll eventually work up the courage to write a full album, it would be amazing. I just want to make sure that if I do that it is to tell a particular story and because I truly love every single track, not just for the sake of it but it is something constantly on my mind so I hope to make it happen soon!

Listen to Miranda Lopez's latest new hit "Pray" here!


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