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EXCLUSIVE: Telephant Graveyard Talks About Their Latest Track "Tired of Me"!

Welcome back guys! We’re loving the Live @ Turbo Haus EP! What was that recording experience like? 

Hello, again! Thanks so much for having us (again)!  

This recording process was fairly simple because as the venue, Turbo Haus based here in Montreal, offers a recording package (audio and visual) when you play a show there. So all the bands pitched in and we got recordings of our set from our album launch show for our recently released EP, "3's a Crowd"! We then took our 3 favorite songs from that show and had our buddy Nic Gaumond (same friend who mixed and mastered our EP) mix them. 

Can you tell us about your new unreleased track “Tired Of Me”? What inspired this song? Will you be releasing it in the near future?

"Tired Of Me" is a song that was part of the same batch of songs we wrote for the "3's a Crowd" EP but it didn't make the cut because we felt it didn't fit with those batch of songs, and we wanted to keep it to 6 songs/30mins of music, but we've been playing that songs for years. We figured putting that song, opposed to 3 of the same songs already released on our EP, would be more fun for our LIVE EP.

At this point, there's a very high chance it'll be released as a properly recorded single, or at the very least be on our next EP. The song is strongly inspired by the song "Tired Of You" by the Foo Fighters, very similar groove and mood but a bit more involved, instrumentally, and a bit heavier. It sort of has to do with self-deprecation in a sense that you feel guilty about being a bother or burden to those around you.

Did you hone your vocal style over time or have you always had a natural ability to sing with rock and roll grit?

I'm STILL honing my vocal style haha! To be honest I still don't think I'm that good at singing, I still have a lot of growing do to but my main issue is getting over my nerves before shows, that's what dries up my throat. Now, I always make sure to have water and gatorade with me when playing live, and warming up is KEY! At rehearsal I'm so much more relaxed and have noticed I'm much more clearer and confident. I've improved significantly since starting this band and taking up the role as the lead singer. What's helped me significantly is taking up singing lessons because I'm not a naturally born singer. My main inspirations for wanting to emulate that rough vocal grit (and just singing in general) is due to all those grunge and hard rock singers who convey so much emotion and intensity in their singing. Singers like Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell, Claudio Sanchez, Layne Staley, Axl Rose and Corey Taylor, just to name a few. 

If someone only has time to check out one song from your collection, which would you recommend and why?

That's a tricky's tricky because all our songs sound so different from one another, no two sound alike. But, I would have to say "Jump". Mainly because it's upbeat, it's loud, it's fun and grabs your attention and has all the things that I like about good rock n' roll: it's makes you want to dance (or jump, ha!), it's catchy, got good screaming and a rippin' guitar solo and breakdown. It's the kind of song you want to blast in your car! If they listened to Black Widow or Curves first, they'd probably think we're a bunch of sad sour pusses haha!

What are your thoughts on mainstream music today?

It's a very bitter-sweet thing because musicians my age now, unlike older generations, have so many means and tools to make music without the backing and funding of a major big studio or record label and can send it to everyone and anyone in the world with the click of a button. But at the same time there's SO MANY people making music that really have no buinesss making music, and it's diluting what's out there and making it difficult to stand out and get your music heard, so there's actually a lot of superficial ear (and eye) candy garbage out there. There's a lot of mainstream music that I really don't like, but hey I eat McDonalds, so listening to junk is what's needed sometimes for people.

What’s the best thing that could happen for you right now as a band?

The dream is to be able to make music for a living and quit our day jobs, haha! But, I think what we want is what any musician or band wants: getting a loyal fan base who really dig, understand and appreciate what we do and to tour! Some local bands that we've played shows with in the past, like Ready the Prince and Cleopatrick, are just KILLING it right now and living that dream, and we're so proud of those guys, they work their butts off (please follow and listen to those guys they ROCK!). And I don't mean selling out stadiums, getting platinum records and being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (though I wouldn't complain) if we played to crowds of 200 REALLY enthusiastic people, than arenas of 2000 inattentive people on their phones, while touring in a van, selling merch and some CDs and having a good time, we'd be happy as a clam


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