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Exclusive: Tyler Brooks & His Bustling 2019

Recording artist and producer Tyler Brooks hails from Paterson, New Jersey, and has toned his sounding in recent 2019 album release "Blue Midnight". Tyler Brooks is not the type of artist to stay quiet about his passions, and we're thankful that he isn't, because we probably wouldn't receive such a dedicated sound without it. Using his music as an outlet, Tyler Brooks ensures that he relays any of his messages through the very music he creates, and so listeners receive that immense passion on Tyler's end.

When we look back at what Tyler Brooks has created for himself artistically over 2019, we see a multitude of single releases, with an album release to tie the year off in the most appropriate way! Most notably, Tyler Brooks released "Blue Midnight", the album which set to transform his sound, and what listeners think of 2019 recording artist Tyler Brooks. Gliding across a few tracks on the album, you'll instantly understand the theme of the record: purpose. Tyler Brooks gets across many thought-provoking verses to listeners within his tracks, and "Blue Midnight" amplifies this aspect of Tyler's music. Tyler Brooks is stimulating and inspirational. You'll feel that sensational feeling when listening to 2019 track releases such as "Streetlight" and "In Time". Quite frankly, listening to any track from Tyler Brooks off of his album "Blue Midnight" would be sufficient enough for listeners to understand the artistic capabilities he possesses. They're silky and flowing, which makes us feel more heartwarming during the holiday season. Although "Blue Midnight" doesn't feature as a holiday album, the record is incredibly fitting to listen to over your holiday dinners. We know for sure that that's what we'll be doing, and we highly recommend our BuzzMusic readers to follow suit!

Discover the sounding of Tyler Brooks here.

Hey there, Tyler Brooks! What a year you had this year with multiple single releases, along with the debut of "Blue Midnight". How does it feel now that you're taking a breather over the holidays?

It feels great! Putting out both singles and finishing this entire project were huge goals for me this year, and it was important to me that it came out before the year was up. I was really nervous that it wouldn't be completed in time, but I worked extremely hard and got it out. I'm happy that it's done, but also a little sad because it was so fun to create. Definitely looking forward to working on new stuff.

"Blue Midnight" had the best kind of ambiance that wasn't Christmas-tied, and it was extremely needed over the holiday season! What kind of atmosphere were you hoping to achieve with your listeners once creating this album?

Definitely. It's not a Christmas or holiday album at all. I put it out on December 21st for two reasons, both having to do with the title. The date 12/21 is like a mirror image of the same number or, and sort of signifies "midnight" in that at 12, a new day begins, totally different from the day that just passed. Also, being the winter solstice, December is the longest "night" of the year. The atmosphere I was going for with this project was a dreamy, introspective one. The idea behind the project and the title was being awake all night, alone with your thoughts, contemplating your passions and your purpose, wondering if what you're pursuing in life is right, and ultimately coming to the realization that you have to follow the passion in your heart, the call that you hear in your head constantly.

Off of "Blue Midnight", one of our personal favourites was "Streetlight". The mood developed within this track was magical. Which track off of the album resonated with you the most?

I really appreciate that. "Streetlight" was actually the first piece of music I ever released as a single and really meant a lot to me, and especially to the people of my hometown of Paterson, NJ who know exactly what it's about. I really wanted to create a dark, contemplative mood for that song, and that's by far the one I spent the most effort and production time on. Other than "Streetlight," one that resonates with me the most is "Song to Myself." The idea for that song, as the title suggests, is that I'm talking to myself. More specifically, it's supposed to be present-day me talking to the "me" of the future, a fully realized me who has tapped his potential and is fully living in his purpose. Every line of that song can be read as present me saying it to future me, or on the flip side as future me saying it to present-day me.

We know that you like to use your music as an outlet, in order to get across some serious issues that you're passionate about as an artist! Do you find it more of a challenge on the creative end to synthesize these feelings and emotions and then project them into the track you're recording?

No, not at all! Creativity is, as you said, an outlet. Injecting your raw feelings and emotions them into whatever project you're working on is the only way to create in the first place. I was blessed to be able to work with two great artists, AJ Peoples and EKG, who both love their craft and pour everything into it just as I do, and that makes all the difference.

As an introspective artist, where do you see that part of your artistry taking off for the new year?

I'm not totally sure to be honest. I'm definitely working on new material, but not every project is going to sound or feel like "Blue Midnight" or have the same themes. Maybe none of them will, who knows. But whatever I do work on, I know it'll be as fun and fulfilling of a process as "Blue Midnight" was, and I can't wait to see what takes form. My main goal is to get better at every step.

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic, Tyler! We're happy that 2019 saw the release of "Blue Midnight". Are you planning on another album release in 2020?

Thanks for having me! And as far as an album release, probably not. I don't think I have enough solidified ideas to put another whole project like this one together within a year. However, I will be releasing an EP within 2020, probably just three or four songs. These are songs I had begun working on and formulating while putting "Blue Midnight" together but that ultimately didn't make the cut, both because they weren't totally done on time and didn't fit the theme quite well. They're definitely fun songs, though. I'm excited for people to hear.



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