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Exentric Delivers Faith in His Impactful Single, “Savior”

Exentric began rapping as an outlet to escape reality and immerse himself in poetry. After a few near-death experiences, including a collision with an 18 wheeler shook his life, this left him with a burning desire to live life to its fullest and create.

Growing up in Plymouth, MA, he admits to being bullied as a child when he found a safe haven with music. Stating, "I started rapping when I was about 13-14 years old just messing around, and it soon became a crutch that I've continued to use throughout my life." Hoping to help those around him the same way music helped him, Exentric comes to us with his latest single, "Savior."

The ambient essence is presented to us in a hollow chamber of reverberation and liberation within the instrumentation. "Savior" has us experiencing Exentric's wicked lyrical dexterity that triumphantly showcases words of inspiration across this musical canvas. The hunger and passion in his vocal tone have him dominantly asserting himself as he uses this song as a poetic release.

Escaping from the reality of life's hardships, there's a yearning sense of determination that propels us through the finish line of this record. Embodying verses that hit heavy like the great Eminem, "Savior" is deemed Exentric's soliloquy due to how he transcends his life struggles through this empowering masterpiece. Stepping into the shoes of his most significant musical influence, Exentric manages to place his spin on the hard-hitting lyrical motifs we absorb. Proving that words truly matter in the genre of hip-hop, Exentric is full of wordplay and ambition.

Allowing the instrumentation to have solo moments where we digest the wording previously performed, "Savior" embraces a seamless blend of timing and spatial cues. Therapeutic for the soul, we hit the repeat button and gear you up to add "Savior" to your favorite playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Exentric! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Savior." With such depth and soul that resides in this record, what moment inspired the creation of this song?

A couple of people told me I should quit and it drove me to make this song so it was essentially inspired by haters.

Do you tend to create music that carries both soul and power? Is there a specific style of song that you enjoy crafting more than others?

Yes, I try to create songs with both soul and power, I enjoy making conscientious rap the most because I feel it has the most meaning and can portray vivid messages.

You do a great job at perfecting a similar cadence as Eminem. How did it feel bringing life to a style that's similar to your musical idol?

It feels good being able to turn pain and other emotions into a song that other people can relate to. I don’t really have any “idols” but Eminem has been a huge inspiration to me especially growing up a small suburban white kid always being told I could never “make it” in rap.

What does "Savior" mean to you as an artist? What do you hope that your audience can take away from this piece?

The song is called “savior” because it represents music being my savior during dark times. The message I hope people take away from it is to be yourself and pursue your passions no matter how unrealistic they may seem.

What's next for you?

Honestly, music has always been a crutch for me but I never wanted it to be something I feel like I HAVE to do to make a living. I’ll be trying to create passive income from investments that help other people but I’ll always be passionate about music so I can’t exactly say what’s next, but I have a feeling I will end up trying to educate my audience thru rapping and keep inspiring them to do what they love regardless of what other people say.

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