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Expect The Unexpected With Broey!

Joe Montaro, who goes by the stage name Broey, is from the city of Scranton, PA. He’s a 23 year old music fanatic. A self-taught instrumentalist, he’s been playing music for about 13 years now! In his teens he began messing around a lot with Garageband on his mac and then eventually led himself into becoming more serious about production. After listening to pop music and some hip-hop, he grew tired of hearing the typical chord-progressions and themes within the music which evoked the thought of him doing something that hasn’t been done yet. He tries to remember that the best songs are the ones that hasn’t been made yet, so why not make them? Captured your attention yet? Are you as intrigued as we were!?

Hopefully so Broey released his single titledReverie” that begins with a unique chord placing the foundation of the song. Reverie is like entering a hallway with many turns and not knowing what’s at the corner of each turn. It’s like while listening you become so infatuated with how unpredictable everything is. You never know where the song will take you next or what element you’re about to be surprised by at the shifting corner of a chord. Broey still curated this saturated atmosphere in the song which makes you think of the color blue, ocean breezes, and relaxing images that brings a sense of serenity and calmness. Broey spent meticulous time crafting a song that mastered the art of production and gave us iconic transitions alongside transporting twists and turns that opened up a new dimension to the song in this trailblazing, lyric-less hit!

Check out "Reverie" here. Read more about Broey in our exclusive below!

Hi there! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we're happy to be talking with you! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Surely. My name is Joe Montaro, but my friends like to call me broey. I’m an independent artist from Scranton, PA who specializes in all chill things. I’m a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and have been playing music for almost 15 years! I’ve really only begun to get serious with my own music production in this last year and released my first EP, “KUDOS”, in November of 2018. Since then I have released 2 additional EPs, a number of singles, and a full-length Album all within a few months of each other. Additionally, I’m a full-time college student studying human services and will be graduating in May of this year!

Tell us about your single “Reverie”, what was the motive and vision behind this song?

Just like the majority of my tracks, Reverie is a representation of what I was feeling on the day that began to work on it. I generally don’t go into my sessions with anything specific in mind, just emotions and feelings. I usually find my sounds and try to match the energy of the sound. Not having a vision allows me to be challenged and perhaps take a path that I normally wouldn’t think of taking. This track though took me a while to find a solid direction, because I knew that it had the potential to be special. It’s dreamy and airy vibe was just something so pleasing to me. It took me to a place that made me feel just right and I knew that it would give others the same feeling. I wanted this track to be able to take people to the place that makes them feel just right too.

If you could add any vocalist to this record who would you select and why!?

Honestly, I don’t think I would want any vocals on this track. None of my tracks have vocals because words often get in the way. I want people to listen and feel, and like I just mentioned before, to be taken to that special place that is exclusively unique to them. I am very interested in working with other vocalists though for sure. I have a bunch of tracks in my archives that are just waiting for vocals that I know I’ll never get around to writing, but I love doing collabs and working with other artists. That’s part of the reason I’m interested in making music in the first place because it allows you to meet a lot of cool people. So, any vocalists interested in making a track and maybe selling one million records, by all means, hit me up… we’ll make it work!

How does “Reverie” differ from your other release “Muse” ?

Reverie and Muse to me are more similar than they are different. In terms of instrumentation, Muse has some vocal chops as a focal point whereas Reverie has some melty guitar licks. I believed they shared the same type of energy-dreamy (hence the EP name “Daydreams”). Muse also begins with a lo-fi type vibe before it flourishes into what some would consider the drop. Most people will only listen to the first 15 seconds of Muse and get turned off, but it isn’t until about 50 seconds in where every instrument comes in together. I do personally feel that the tracks blend together nicely in terms of theme for the EP though.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is to just to keep living life and making and sharing new music along the way. I’m working on some new stuff currently and hope to be able to release a new project before the summer starts. I’m very interested to see where my music endeavors will take me, but for now, I just have to keep moving forward. I’m beyond grateful for those who support me and are coming along for the ride! Hopefully, after reading this it will encourage others to tag along also.


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