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Expect The Unexpected With Warren Skane And His Explosive Hit “Underground General”

Warren Skane is an Electronic Loop artist from Western Australia who takes you on an unforgettable experience with his music! He is probably one of the most idiosyncratic artists we’ve encountered in recent days and it makes him twenty times more radical than he already is. Warren uses licensed sample packs with vocals to manufacture his own atypical music. With 10 albums and 1 EP under his belt for purchase, Warren Skane is a multifaceted individual who isn’t afraid to cross genres. Ranging from hip hop and rap to rock and electronic, he will leave you unexpectedly anticipating his next hit.

Warren released his song titled “Underground General” off his album titled “Skane Train Flames” and we listened to this interesting and enticing record and got completely stunned by how HOOKED we were on the song. Being unfamiliar with this specific style of music, I had no expectations going in. However, I found this electrifying song to be oddly my new musical niche I can find myself jamming out too. If you weren’t a fan of electronic loop prior to listening, Warren Skane ensures he abducts you into the world of synthesizers, funky grooves, and surprising vocals. The flow was rapidly moving in an upbeat and fast-paced tempo without missing a breathe or beat. “Underground General” is a well executed, synthetic song that will leave you mesmerized!

Listen to “Underground General” here and get to know more about Warren Skane below!

Hello Warren! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your music?

I'm an Electronic Loop Artist /Beatmaker from Perth, Western Australia. I create my own unique sound using licensed music samples and vocals from different genres!

How do you manage to show versatility and make the next song different from your previous work?

I generally rely on my intuition and chord structures to make each song sound different. I have a formula i follow which works perfectly for my music. 

Tell us about “Underground General” and the setting you had in mind while creating this!?

'Underground General' is about an unsigned hiphop/rapper that rules the underground scene with his slick rhymes and beats. The setting is a club style/hiphop/dance theme to groove along with!

What inspired you to title the song “Underground General” ?

I instantly knew the song title would identify with an underground hiphop/rap scene

What’s next for you Warren?

I'm looking to get my music into the tv/film industry. I'm open to working with an artist who can perform my material live and collaborate on new material. I do my own music video clips and i'm constantly coming up with new beats and songs. I'm excited for the future and love the art of creation...


Connect with Warren Skane on social media

Instagram: www.instagram@skanetrain

Twitter: www.twitter@WarrenSkane

Facebook: www.facebook@theskanetrain


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