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Expect To Receive Versatility With JASHAR In His Single "Bait"

Detriot-based artist JASHAR has a goal in mind to create music that blurs the lines between the current style of Hip/Hop and Rap we know today.

What exactly does this mean, and how will you hear it? Well, listening along to any one of JASHAR's tracks will be able to showcase the level of variety his music encompasses, and especially the underlying fervour within it. Already performing at a variety of venues, such as Wayne State Club Bleu and Crave,

JASHAR is setting out to truly set in place his reflective sound. Grabbing close to 100k streams, JASHAR is on his way to establishing his overall presence within the music scene! His latest track to aid in doing this: "Bait." 

JASHAR offers a variety of properties to prove himself capable as a rap artist in his latest single "Bait". The track has an interesting production that creates this electronic and atmospheric listening environment. We're incredibly chilled out listening along to "Bait."

It's one of those tracks that can effortlessly change the mood of the room in an instant, and elevate the current emotional standing. We feel confident listening to JASHAR in "Bait", and his delivery is incredibly smooth, which only works to confirm his garnered expertise.

We imagine "Bait" is the perfect type of song to cruise along to, relax along to, or even workout along to. The versatility JASHAR offers within his music is what allows for a great dynamic, and we're hoping for more of this quality within future music! 

Discover "Bait" by JASHAR here


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