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Experience A True Moment Of Bliss With “Spinning” By Stefanosis

Stefanosis is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist/producer who has been crafting his art for two decades, mostly recording underground reggae dubplates and New Age music. In more recent years, Stefanosis decided to try producing electronica and ambient beats by using cellphone apps and his multi-track recorder. Ecstatic dance and motion made perfect sense to him as a percussionist, and he realized the joy and bliss of producing Dub-techno, Minimalist House and Future-bass music genres. 2019 will see a spontaneous release of electronic, instrumental dance music singles from Stefanosis, who hardly samples, but plays, produces and masters all his tracks.

The unmistakable sound of Stefanosis brings through a hit of classic escapism with this beautifully multi-layered and upbeat new release, “Spinning”. The composition appears as significantly cinematic at times. Intentional enough to connect with, yet you find yourself lost in these moments of soothing, dreamlike ambiance. There are several intricacies at work at once, and in between instances of that main melody, the track offers a near-meditative moment of depth and ultimate calm. Your mind wanders, simplicity begins to hypnotically guide you through your thoughts.

The resulting experience is one that feels much bigger than a simple four and half minute release would normally allow. There’s a story-line, with equal parts professionalism and passion. There’s a clear level of the heart to the melody and the way the track progresses and evolves. There’s something blissfully effective about the finished product, it proves easily immersive, a real joy to experience at volume.

Check out “Spinning” here and read more with Stefanosis below!

Hi Stefanosis! For those who donʼt know, how did you first get into music, and how would you describe your current approach to writing and composing?

I began with a bass guitar at age 16. This was the late 80s. I asked my dad for a Fostex reel-to-reel tape recorder and a Korg keyboard, and the rest was history. My current approach to writing and composing hasn't changed much, but technology has made it more efficient and creative. Because I'm heavily inspired by reggae-dub music, I begin with a beat and a bassline, and layer according to the desired mood and vibe. In my tracking process, if I'm not dancing while making the song, I can't expect my listeners to dance either.

What does the track “Spinning” mean for you? What does it represent?

The title of the track was inspired by how the sounds made me feel. The whirling feel of the keyboard pad sounds made me think of 'spinning' galaxies, energies, and dancers. Many people might think it represents a vinyl record, and that's cool too.

What was the writing and recording process like for this release?

Like all my tracks - especially instrumental ones - there's not so much pre-planning as there is a spontaneous inspiration. I rarely sample or use a laptop, because a lot of the joy I get in the process comes from playing the instruments. When I'm satisfied with a mix, I use my desktop computer to polish up the wav-file, and then I wrap it up with a wonderful, online subscription service for final mastering. Over the years, I've learned to make this process very simple and efficient. I consider my style somewhat minimalist because of this. Music should never be complicated.

Whatʼs one of your greatest aspirations or dreams as an artist right now?

To gain more Spotify playlists, but also to become an artist of choice for deejays worldwide, just as the wonderful electronica artists who inspired me: Desert Dwellers, DJ Drez, Earthrise Soundsystem, Drumspyder and Bluetech, just to name a few. I want people at music festivals and clubs to say "Holy s**t, what was that song that just took me to another level? I need to know !"

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I want people to feel ecstatic bliss while dancing, but I also want them to experience spiritual depth connected to sensuality, which is also known as 'Tantra'. Hopefully, my music will not only inspire dance and movement but the stillness that comes when the dancing has finished. I want the instruments and sounds to speak to their souls, without depending on words or lyrics to do that.



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