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Experience Angel Dweh's Rhythmic and Catchy Single, "Kokona"

From Liberia to Pennsylvania, the triple threat Angel Dweh drops fire with the release of his scorching afrobeat single, "Kokona." 

Garnering the Afro-Prince nickname through his captivating vocal performance, Angel Dweh's Afropop music brings any listener deep into the irresistible rhythm and groove he skillfully portrays. Also merging other genres like R&B and pop into his sound, Angel Dweh brings authenticity to the forefront with each intoxicating release. 

His recent single "Kokona" brings a flashy modern feel with the song's crisp production and Angel Dweh's melodic and skilled vocals. Creating a track perfect for the nightclub scene we frequently reminisce, Angel Dweh reminds us not to lose our rhythm with this catchy afrobeat banger.

"Kokona" brings an incredibly familiar flair right off the bat. The introduction to the track brings these surreal trap elements through the use of synths and sub-bass, almost giving a salute to the late Pop Smoke. Once the drums kick in, the track shifts into this Afropop/afrobeat atmosphere with the dynamic and textured percussion arrangement. This upbeat and highly danceable track brings the listener intense vibes through the energetic and playful atmosphere Angel Dweh effortlessly portrays.

"Kokona" unleashes a heavily intriguing quality that captures the listener into Angel Dweh's alluring and irresistible groove. 

Hello Angel, it's great to catch up with you here at BuzzMusic. You have clearly been busy since we last chatted. What inspired you to create this dancefloor anthem with "Kokona?"

I gain inspiration from my Liberian root and the music that is played in West African today. And Kokona is a female and in the song, I am describing her body and the things she can do on the dance floor.  

Do you usually release such energetic and upbeat music?

I love to release music that people of all ages can connect too. Also, making my release energetic and upbeats it to get everyone on their feet to dance but also have a great vibe. 

With regards to the single's overall production, what sort of tone and atmosphere did you want to be delivered on "Kokona?" Did you have any influences when shaping the song's overall feel and style?

Actually, the tone and atmosphere are a love expression, I want fallers to be able to talk about their women in a sexy positive way. Also, I want women to feel the need to appreciate the love expression from their male partners. I have influences from Afrobeats/Afro-pop and Contemporary R&B. 

Seeing as you're not only a triple threat, but a songwriter and composer as well, what made you so driven to go through with all these endeavors? How do you find a healthy balance between your jobs?

Honesty, I am driven by my love for music, and being able to write and compose. As an artist, writing, composing, and being a college student I find it amazing that I can do these things.  I find a healthy balance by focusing my craft, and doing things such as working out, visiting museums, reading books, and spend time with my family, doing all of these things. They all in some form have inspired me to do what I do which is to write songs and compose. 

How do you plan on maintaining your nickname of the Afro-Prince? How will you keep your audience engaged and entertained during the near future?

Maintaining the nickname "Afro-Prince", first I will love to say to everyone that is calling me the Afro-Prince, I appreciate the name, the love, and support. But maintaining the name means that I have to more to the Afrobeats music and the culture along with my sound. I look to keeping my audience engaged and entertained by live performances, radio interviews, and also through visual content on my YouTube Channel. 



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