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Experience Cris Gunther's Wild Live Performance in a New Music Video

Los Angeles-based recording artist and triple threat Cris Gunther steams up the independent music scene with his latest dynamic 80s dance single and accompanying music video entitled "Compass Love Pt. 2."

Cris Gunther is truly the epitome of versatility, as he's received various opportunities to bring his music to the masses while promising an engaging and exciting venture. Co-winner of the inaugural Randy Jackson, Babyface, Kenny G, and Walter Afanasieff talent competition, ISINA, Cris Gunther has also landed sync placements for campaigns with acts like Madonna and Jared Leto.

Onto his most recent release, "Compass Love Pt. 2," the song and video follow up to "Compass Love Pt. 1," which leads the way of Cris Gunther's most ambitious record to date entitled 'C-GUN'S BEATIFIC: THE WEDDING OF HEAVEN AND HELL.' We're more than excited to introduce Cris Gunther's sound to our readers, as they're truly in for a treat.

Listening to "Compass Love Pt. 2," the track opens with a robotic vocal that sets the song's 80s and nostalgic feel. As a plucky and funky bassline begins to thump through our speakers alongside shimmering keyboard melodies, Cris Gunther jumps in and makes his bright vocal appearance while offering many vocal similarities to prime-time disco vocalists.

What makes the experience all the more stimulating is the accompanying music video for "Compass Love Pt. 2," as viewers can catch Cris Gunther's thrilling live performance alongside various dancers and models who groove their night away to Cris Gunther's hearty single. Not to mention Cris Gunther's performative charisma and energy; he makes it difficult to look away from such an engaging and exciting visual experience.

Get in the groove of Cris Gunther's latest single, "Compass Love Pt. 2," and find both parts on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Cris Gunther, what a thrill you've given us with your latest single and music video for "Compass Love Pt. 2." What inspired this two-part song/music video series?

Wow- Thank U! And I'm THRILLED it's a thrill for you guys cause what more could any artist ask for when releasing a new project?! To answer your question, conceptual art is the most natural and inspiring way for me artistically, and "Compass Love Pt. 2" felt a little lonely like she needed a fraternal twin brother to share life with!

How do "Compass Love Pt. 1" and "Compass Love Pt. 2" contrast each other in terms of their sound and overall vibe?

"Compass Love Pt. 1" is a more aggressive pop rock-funk-synth vibe- while "Compass Love Pt. 2" is a more celebratory pop-funk-soul-80's dance groove for the parties and clubs!

Why did you choose to bring viewers into an exciting live performance for the music video "Compass Love Pt. 2?" Does the music video for "Compass Love Pt. 1" feature another live performance as well?

The music video for "Compass Love Pt. 1" only briefly features me twice because I wanted the conceptual narrative to be on the collective 'We', and not the individual 'Me'. And although the story I'm telling does affect me on a deeply personal level, it's really a window into how my soul sees the world today and some of its current challenges that stretch across all societal, technological, and pandemic divides with a special spotlight on children and what their present experiences must be like. If it's challenging and confusing for adults to make sense of these new human realities, imagine what it must be like for the most innocent and vulnerable segment of our population, the children. The "Compass Love Pt. 2" music video is a continuation of that vision filled with lighted balloons of faith and hope for a more diverse, inclusive, just, and joyful world being sent up to God and our loved ones who I believe are still supporting us from the other side. And this video includes my co-winning grand finale performance of the inaugural Randy Jackson, Babyface, and Walter Afanasieff talent competition, ISINA, that took place at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Do you normally create such hearty, nostalgic, and energetic tunes like "Compass Love Pt. 2?" Is this sound a staple for your brand?

At the core of all of my creative work is a passionate, purpose-driven mission to break boundaries, generational curses, and to plant seeds of courage, clarity, and renewal. Sometimes that's sunshine and rainbows, and other times, it's getting down in the mud and doing the hard work necessary to cut all chains so we can fly as high as humanly possible. In regards to musical style, I'd say, my Brazilian production partner, Luã Linhares and I approach each song as genre shapeshifter mediums who are merely channeling the most authentic sound befitting of the lyrics, melodies, and their meanings without much serious thought given to branding or public perception. However, I do consider myself a pop artist with diverse crossover appeal.

How do these two songs get us ready for your forthcoming record 'C-GUN'S BEATIFIC: THE WEDDING OF HEAVEN AND HELL?' Why did you choose to release this song series prior to the record?

Sincerely and without sounding overly dramatic, the creation of this album has quite literally been a matter of life and death for me. It's been my sole source of medicinal therapy and light guiding me towards the end of a very long, dark tunnel with little oxygen left to breathe.

"Compass Love" felt like the perfect self-love storm and breath of fresh air to introduce the album's coming questions, reflections, and puzzle piece magic themes!


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