Experience F.Y.I.’s Unique Take on Hip Hop Production With, “Glowiesha”

Out of Mid-City Los Angeles, rapper F.Y.I. brings an interesting take to hip hop with his intro track “Glowiesha” to his recent EP “Bounze Houze”. After venturing into the music industry by writing for rap trio Those Chosen and helped take their music to new levels, F.Y.I. became prominently known and as one of URB Magazine’s Top 25 Artists to Watch. After making fine-tuned power moves, he’s back and better than ever with his unique single “Glowiesha”. The track takes a different turn on modern hip hop, by incorporating a quicker pace through alt-rock instrumentals. Beginning with a pulsing bassline and rock-like drum patterns, “Glowiesha” gives an intriguing turn when F.Y.I. starts rapping. He effortlessly rides the rocking beat while delivering his bars at a fast pace yet with such clarity. “Glowiesha” sounds to be about a beautiful woman who has captured the eye of F.Y.I., and has put a spell on him. As he spills lyrics of love and longing for that person, we’re left locked into the song with its engaging instrumentals and F.Y.I’s flawless delivery. His verses scream authenticity and perfectly portray F.Y.I.’s textured creativity. “Glowiesha” is yet another head-bopper from F.Y.I.

You can find "Glowiesha" here.