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Experience Georgia Feroce's Relatable Lyricism With, "My Own Head"

Los Angeles-based Alternative Singer/Songwriter Georgia Feroce releases a spunky alt-rock single with, "My Own Head." Spicing up her sound with a '90s alternative approach, Georgia Feroce keeps listeners on their toes with her music's thrilling unpredictability. Named after John Hiatt's song "Georgia Rae," Feroce has had music coursing through her veins since before she can remember. Creating brutally honest lyricism with a catchy melody allows Feroce to convey her truths while also providing a glimmer of hope.

Doing so on her latest single "My Own Head," Georgia Feroce takes us back to prime time 90s with a heavy alt-rock/punk approach that exudes this powerful female flair. Singing lyrics of questioning her surroundings and the situations she's gotten herself into, Feroce spirals within her mind and portrays all the emotions we feel when the walls are closing in. "My Own Head" opens with mid-tempo alt-rock instrumentation and Georgia Feroce's powerfully spunky vocals. While she begins singing lyrics of questioning what she's doing and where she's going, Feroce goes into more detailed lyricism that depicts the exact emotions during a mental spiral.

"Stephen King should pay me for my dreams, and this is why I don't smoke weed," Feroce continues singing of the countless bills to be paid and slowly closing the exterior world out while exclaiming that she's the life of the party in her own head.

The catchy melodies and 90s-Esque instrumentation give "My Own Head" all the power to soar across the charts, especially with Georgia Feroce's detailed lyricism; this single has greatness written all over.

We love your descriptive and heavily relatable lyricism within "My Own Head." When writing the lyrics, did your words flow with ease, or was it challenging to describe this paranoia/anxiety?

First of all, thank you! I'm so glad you specifically like the lyrics of the song because I care about lyrics A LOT. When a song has a great melody and great lyrics, I'm just in love, so that's always what I'm striving for when I write. I went back and looked in my notebook and listened to voice memos to see how I wrote this song back in April 2019, and it actually took me over two weeks to write, which is a lengthier amount of time for me. The challenge with this song was that I needed it to reflect that scatter-brained feeling without the song itself being too scatter-brained and confusing. I do remember, though, the bridge being the last piece, and it just hit me so clearly as I was driving to work on Beverly Blvd. You can hear the turn signal from me switching lanes... I was probably running late!

Do you usually create a melodic 90s alternative feel within your songs like you did with "My Own Head?" Do you have any musical influences that might have impacted your sound?

I guess I do now! I've always been a fan of alternative rock, as well as pop. Basically, I'll latch onto anything with a catchy melody... and all my first memories are from the 90s, so it makes sense! When I was really young, I listened to Disney cassette tapes (I know. Tapes. Wtf?!) and I loved this one song in particular. The melody was so happy, yet the lyrics were literally about how you can't be happy all the time, and that contrast is an element I've incorporated into my music. Pretty cool that I brought up Disney songs when asked about 90s alternative music, isn't it? Haha. I really just love a good song, and I try not to care too much if it's considered cool, but Modest Mouse, No Doubt, and The Kooks are a few bands I love and am definitely influenced by... just to balance out the Disney.

We've heard that you're working with producer Tone Def, not only for "My Own Head," but for your upcoming album in 2021. What has the process been like between the two of you, and how has Tone Def helped reach your end goals?

Yes, My Own Head is the second single from the album. Must Be Nice was the first, and I've got one more single I plan on releasing in November. I've recorded them all with Tone, and the process has been so fun, so exciting, and so positive. The two of us are completely in sync on this project; it's made everything so easy for me. And the musicians I have playing these songs are not only amazing musicians but also my friends! I know this sounds corny, but it's true, and I just feel so lucky. The entire album will be a total of twelve songs. There's a concept behind it, but I'm keeping that a secret while we're still working on it. We've been chipping away for about a year now, and it's almost done. I can't believe it. I'm going to be so sad when it's finished. And happy! See? That's the theme. Happy-sad. Bittersweet.

Speaking on your forthcoming album in spring 2021, could you share what inspired the project, and what it's been like creating it?

…and on that note, sorry for the obvious and generic answer, but it was a breakup (maybe two) that inspired this album. It's weird to say I was inspired by a breakup so it's more like the catalyst, but yeah, I had a lot of emotions to deal with and write about. Not sure if I was very good at dealing with my feelings all the time, but hopefully I was good at writing about them. You'll have to let me know when you listen to the album. I'm so excited about it. It's my first full-length album, and it's come together so nicely. I would've never guessed I'd have any of this when I wrote My Own Head back in April 2019. It's crazy to me that I have these twelve individual songs I wrote over the past two years that are now a complete story. I wasn't really thinking about the final outcome of things when I started. The creating process for me is more about trusting your instincts and going.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Oh, I don't know... everything/everyone that makes me angry?! I'll leave it at that, and let you fill in the blanks haha. I mean, 2020 has just been an insane and upsetting year, to say the least, and was March five years ago or a week ago? It's just been a lot, and I've felt completely uninspired at times, but I also wrote about half the album during this mess. I'm just happy I got to perform this year before everything shut down! I had one show on February 20th at The Hotel Café, and it was probably the best turnout and best performance I've had my entire career. It's embarrassing how many times I watched the video footage! Livestream shows just aren't the same, although I met some great artists through a show I did on Twitch, and one of the performers is also an animator. I reached out to him, and he is currently helping me create the music video for my next single! I'm going to sound corny again, but music is powerful in the way it connects you to people. I feel really lucky to be able to do what I do and have the love and support from so many friends and family. It definitely motivates me, especially now! So love has been keeping me inspired in 2020 like it always does. Love and anger.


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