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Experience Gio Martini Bring Rap Back To Life With Hit “Wrong Place”

From Victorville, California, comes rapper Gio Martini. But Gio is more than just a rapper, he is a lyricist, an artist in its truest form. Besides being a ground-breaking rapper and changing the game for new era rap, he served in the US army in 2008 (thank you for your service!). Gio feels passionate about the lack of lyricists in today’s rap and hip hop, and instead of hoping for someone to save the game, he decided that he himself will be the one to put in work and make the change. “Wrong Place” from his album Ambition does exactly what he said he would do- change the game. First of all, the beat slaps and it riles you up like nothing else ever has, its totally electrifying! Then when Gio starts rapping you feel an entire other level of hype! He goes off with real lyrics and a slick flow where you can really tell that he has experience in the game and that he knows what he’s doing.

In an interview Gio states “I feel like I can be up there with Kendrick Lamar, Logik, and J.Cole, if given the opportunity. Every word I write is thought out, because I hate wasting space just to fill a song.” I couldn’t agree more! Gio has unlimited potential with his skill level, drive, and hype that he delivers consistently throughout all of his music. His rhymes are tight and he spits them so effortlessly that he makes it look easy. His sound and energy are addicting, and I recommend that you check him out before he starts to blow up!

Listen to "Wrong Place" here and get to know more about Gio Martini below!

Hey Gio! Can you tell us more about yourself and history making music?

My mom was huge into heavy metal so I grew up playing drums. I became heavily involved in hop in early 2000 when I was in middle school because  I played basketball and all my friends were into it. I would mess around freestyling and it ended up being something I had talent in. I only recorded though for a couple years and stopped when I joined the Army at 19. I just recently back in 2018 started up again and I am not looking back. This is not a hobby it is my passion. 

“Wrong Place” has some crazy energy! What was the inspiration behind it?

Mostly because I am white and I am made fun of more from my own people for being an artist in hip hop. It’s motivation for me because as much as I’m hated for it, they are still hearing me. I’m getting more love from people I don’t know, and more people feeling what it is that I write as a lyrical artist. 

You had some pretty sick lyrics in “Wrong Place”! What was your writing process like?

This is one of the few times that when I hear a beat and I am able to come up with a hook before I write my verses. I usually let my verses dictate the direction of where I’m going with the vocals. When I truly feel a beat not just like it, it as if the flood gates open and the metaphors seem to flow more consistently. It only took me a couple of hours to write the whole song itself. I was in a zone. 

What are three things that you want your fans to know about you?

For one I am an Iraq vet and proud to have served this country and I hope more vets can take from me my hard work, and apply it to their own passions. 2nd I am a die hard Lakers fan, I grew up playing basketball everyday. 3rd, in person I am by far one of the easiest people to understand, as I have grown up in an environment where it was diverse in all cultures. I was the guy who rapped, played sports, and hung out with nerds all at the same time. Then being in the military I have brothers in arms from all walks of life.

Do you have any other projects to be released in 2019?

I just release my first ever Ep called Ambition May 31st on all platforms, and am working on a single Titled Locked in ft. Gungho Camacho


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