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Experience Goth Club’s Heavy Dark Wave Synth on His Recent Single, "I Am Going to Catch You"

Colorado-based artist/instrumentalist Goth Club releases his sultry single "I Am Going to Catch You”. The sounds of 80s darkwave and early 2000’s dance-punk live inside the solo artist Caleb McFadden. Also being a vocalist/guitarist in the band Chess at Breakfast, Caleb McFadden decided to bring his sensually sculpted sound to new planes through Goth Club. His recent single "I Am Going to Catch You” brings raw and tender emotion through a variety of electro-synth progressions. From light enchanting melodies to vibrating bass lines, Goth Club’s "I Am Going to Catch You” brings you on an intense journey through the decades of darkwave and dance-punk.

With deep growling synths, faint background keys, and vigorous kicks and snares, "I Am Going to Catch You" brings a dark and mysterious vibe right from the start. Each transition is met with haunting chimes that enhance Goth Club’s nostalgic dark wave sound. "I Am Going to Catch You" incorporates an excitingly mystifying feel through powerful electro-synth instrumentals and Caleb McFaddens’s profound vocals. As the chorus approaches and Caleb McFadden’s layered vocals belt out a hypnotic harmony, a variety of supporting instrumentals come together to bring Goth Club’s polished vision to life. Goth Club’s "I Am Going to Catch You” takes you on an electro ride with a heavy and indulgent atmosphere, it’s definitely not an experience to miss out on.

Vibe out to "I Am Going to Catch You" here.

Hey Goth Club, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really getting down with the heavy atmosphere on your recent single "I Am Going to Catch You”. Could you share what your recording/creative process was like when laying down the fundamentals for your track "I Am Going to Catch You”?

With this song, I began writing the lyrics well before the music. They began as a way for me to justify an irrational fear of being followed by something, which made me realize that my obsession with what's always behind me actually made me naive as to where this thing or person might be leading me. As for the music and technical side, I began laying down melodies and progressions on my keyboard last fall, and then started my favorite process --sound manipulation-- until I had a completed draft to show my close friend and bandmate, Mike Davis. He and I then partnered for beat-making and the final stages of production.

We’ve heard that Goth Club’s Caleb McFadden is also a part of the rock band Chess at Breakfast. What made you want to try something new on your own with the creation of Goth Club?

Honestly, rock is my favorite music to play and there's no word to describe the adrenaline I get when playing with Chess at Breakfast, but for years I've written songs that I just don't want to compress into that style of music. The songs inGothClubstill have the same dark elements (maybe darker) as Chess at Breakfast, but it's less familiar to me and sometimes I just need a blank canvas to assess all of the possibilities. 

Speaking on Goth Club’s recent single "I Am Going to Catch You”, there are a variety of compelling electro instrumentals that shape the track’s mysterious and dark vibe. Were there any intentions behind how you wanted the song to impact your audience, and what you wanted them to takeaway?

I could sit here all day going more in-depth into my personal meaning as I mentioned earlier, but that's not something I need or want others to feel. This is obviously a sinister song and it's hard to get away from that, but all I hope is that there's something for someone to take away in their own respects-- whether it be realizing the weight of their own fear, or even something simple like encouraging them to think, "this song makes me feel really weird, but I'm gonna tap my toe anyway".

Now that you’ve ventured onto your own path of solo music, is there anything that Goth Club wants to say to our readers about yourself as an artist and the sound we should anticipate?

Currently, I've been extracting a lot of inspiration from artists in the realms of darkwave, post-punk, and dance-punk.GothClubis still somewhat unregistered in my head, but to put it simply, I just want to make the emo kids dance until they can't tell the difference between vices and virtues.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

have quite a bit of material on hand, so expect to see a few more singles throughout the year. I also have an EP in the works, but that likely won't see daylight until this fall at the earliest.


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