Experience Heightened Emotion With Jimmy Swagg's Recent Single, "Tell Me"

The Los Angeles-based rock artist and singer-songwriter Jimmy Swagg displays his relatable and vulnerable songwriting through a sincere single entitled "Tell Me."

Continually making listeners strong believers in his magic and supernatural musical abilities, Jimmy Swagg is a prime example of someone who takes the powerful sounds of rock and transmutes them into a revitalized and modern-day sound. Mixing dark theater, spontaneous antics, and his passionate gospel into his music, Jimmy Swagg lets any crowd into the depths of his vibrant world.

Now releasing his heartfelt and passionate single, "Tell Me," listeners are able to catch Jimmy Swagg's growth through this vulnerable and sincere single. While serenading us over his fluid acoustic guitar work, Jimmy Swagg paints all sorts of vulnerable images with his emotional lyricism that keeps us wanting more.

"Tell Me" begins with soulful acoustic guitar patterns and Jimmy Swagg's breathy vocal stylings, exuding all sorts of warmth and tenderness over this soft rock song. While Swagg starts singing of waiting until the end of time for someone to come knocking at his door, we can feel boundless emotion and passion pour through his tender vocals, leading us towards the hook.

Moving through this genuine single, Jimmy Swagg continues his heartfelt journey alongside a plucky bassline and vibrant acoustic guitar strums. We truly adore Jimmy Swagg's vulnerability within this single, as he allows any listener to take something away from his lyricism and place their own meaning behind the song.

Don't miss out on Jimmy Swagg's latest heartfelt single, "Tell Me," on all streaming platforms, and keep an eye on the rock artist as he prepares to release his forthcoming debut album later this year.

Hello Jimmy, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your powerfully emotional single, "Tell Me." At what moment did you feel inspired to create this emotional and vulnerable piece?

I wrote this song a little over two years ago after seeing my ex jogging around the neighborhood. It shocked my senses because I hadn’t seen her since we split up and it had been months without any interaction. I arrived home, after this brief but lasting encounter, to write my feelings out. I felt so sad and so defeated. I felt painfully heartbroken! I never intended to write this song to put out publicly, although I did put a version on my YouTube channel, so I wasn’t putting rules on the song or my emotions. This song moves me because there aren’t any lyrical shadows I hide in. My pain and heartbreak are on full display.

Was it difficult to write lyrics for "Tell Me," seeing as your lyricism is somewhat saddening and deeply emotional?

It wasn’t difficult to write at all. I wrote what I was feeling at the time because I was so overwhelmed with the recent breakup. Writing songs is a way I empty myself of emotions (good and bad) and using music to do so fills my heart! I am grateful to be able to open myself up for these songs to flow. I love writing songs! I wanted to release a song to display my art and my progression since I knew my album was still months away from release. “Tell Me” had been floating in my mind lately because sometimes I go back and listen to songs I’ve written, demos that went nowhere, or voice memos that I have of songs ideas for. This song was already written and was emotionally connecting with me. When I took it to my producer, Luke Mitchell, the vision was clear right away. We decided to keep the production simple, keep the vocals laid back, and display the full emotion the song was oozing. When I began to record the vocals, I realized the feelings that inspired the song were still strong! Through the process of recording, I learned that the pain and sadness might never go away, but that it wasn’t a bad thing. The relationship I had been in had meant so much to me and having it end the way it did, left a scar. In no way am I placing blame or getting personal, but the truth is, we all face heartbreaks and no one is exempt from pain. Recording this song has helped me reflect on this relationship and my life. This song helps me remember the good moments and also helps me remember the pain! That’s what art is supposed to do, right?! Art is supposed to help us see ourselves just as we are. When I listen to this song, I am lost in the painting of my soul’s pain and sadness...and I love that! Did you work with any producers or engineers when creating and finalizing the instrumentation and production for "Tell Me?"

I have been working on my album with my long-time friend and producer, Luke Mitchell. I love working with him because we definitely have chemistry, he understands my visions, and is an amazing coach! Once I showed him a previous recording of the song, he immediately had an idea for the song. We kept everything simple and focused on reaching into my soul for the vocal performance. What should we anticipate from your forthcoming debut album later this year? Should we expect to see "Tell Me" on the project?

I didn’t plan on recording “Tell Me”, so I still don’t know if I will include it in my album. I want to finish the entire project first before deciding that since I have a few other songs that I am considering for the album. I want the album as a whole to flow and once everything is done, I’ll understand more myself the message of the album. The popular and more successful strategy for independent artists especially is in releasing singles. No one is releasing albums these days! So why drop an album on my own dime? Because I believe in myself and in all I do. I believe in these songs and I believe music is special and magical. I have been blessed with being able to interpret this magic yet for some time, my focus was scattered. As a Mexican American, I’ve had a desire that has been growing for many years now. A desire to express myself in my native language in order to connect with more of the world and to express music in Spanish. I love Spanish because it’s such a romantic language and that allows my soul to express my artistic point of view of this world. What's next for you?

I am working to make my dream and vision to the next phase. I want to perform in bigger venues, rock some festivals, and tour the world! For now, my time is invested in those things that are helping me reach those goals. My biggest goal in life is to live presently, do my best in all I do, leave a positive impact, love life, and enjoy it all. Yeah, all of that is next for me.