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Experience Heistheartist's Beautiful Cover of Fleetwood Mac's Hit, "Landslide"

Hailing from Central Islip, the Christian Singer/Songwriter Heistheartist releases a beautiful and mesmerizing rendition of Fleetwood Mac's legendary hit, "Landslide."

Regarding his forthcoming EP 'Roots,' Heistheartist mentioned that "Landslide" acts as the leading single merely due to the song's influence on the project, stating that "Landslide" is the root of 'Roots.'

We're completely mesmerized by the modern interpretation that Heistheartist took upon Fleetwood Mac's classic single. Through the delicate vocal arrangement, equally soothing acoustic-electric guitar melodies, and spirited performance, the single offers all the love and warmth we need as the days slowly begin to darken and cool. 

"Landslide" opens with Heistheartist's beautiful acoustic-electric guitar humming away with the song's heartfelt and tender melodies. Within seconds, we can feel the genuine and authentic approach that Heistheartist infused into this cover through his warm vocals and captivating performance. 

What we love most about this cover is Heistheartist's unique vocal layering that adds a hint of modernity into the classic foot-tapper. His effortless melisma and vibrato is truly something to experience, as he continues to sing with passion and does the original song justice. The entire outro of the song touches down with Heistheartist's soft delivery, allowing listeners to lay back and listen with ease.

Heistheartist's cover of "Landslide" offers listeners sonic bliss through his delicate instrumentation, passionate vocal portrayal, and the song's overall emotion that has stood the test of time. 

Listen to "Landslide" here.


We love the approach you've taken with your cover of Fleetwood Mac's hit, "Landslide." What initially inspired you to cover the song?

Well, I was searching to do something of a different genre than my usual Smooth Jazz and I came across Miley Cyrus covering the song at a concert on YouTube. The song is about growth and was perfect message-wise in introducing my newly expanded genre repertoire.

Within "Landslide," we noticed that you added unique vocal layering that stands out from the original version. Why did you choose to add this sonic element to the song?

The original version was so well done that I added vocal layering to accent the parts and lyrics that warmed my heart the most.

Regarding your vocal layering within "Landslide," could you take us through the song's production process and how you crafted the vocal layering to offer this sensation of bliss?

I’m old fashioned and I have sung each layer individually. Authenticity is extremely important for me as an artist.

Seeing as "Landslide" is the root of your upcoming EP 'Roots,' how does the cover emphasize the EP's overall concept? Why is the cover the heart of the project?

The EP is about growth and my cover of “Landslide” carries that lesson the greatest of all the songs on the EP. However, the other songs on the EP are important well and serve supportive roles.

What has been your biggest inspiration this year while creating new music?

Definitely nature. Nature warms my heart and soothes myself and puts me in such a good place. With all the negativity going on in the world, nature put me in a great place to continue to create new music.


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