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Experience Jimmy Swagg’s New-Age Rock Sound In “Maybe”

Jimmy Swagg is an exciting and energetic rocker from right here in Los Angeles, California. He has quickly become the hottest act in Southern California by headlining The Whisky A Go-Go and revitalizing the sunset strip scene with his sexual aura that captivates you the moment your eyes lock onto his crazed/make-up’ed face. Most recently, Jimmy Swagg released his second EP “No Holiday” with the goal of growth and progression. His commitment to his art is unmatched and his ability to outwork anyone gives him the edge because he is willing to work hard for each new listener! 

Featured on “No Holiday” is the seductive track “Maybe”. It’s a hard-hitting and infectious rock track with all of Jimmy’s well known appeals. Jimmy Swagg's intoxicating performance and sultry delivery of every word showcases his dedication to his craft. “Maybe” is a contagious rock anthem that focuses on desire and heartfelt dedication. The music takes the listener on a roller coaster of emotions with Jimmy. The new age rock extraordinaire has outdone himself with this new project. I highly recommend you check out the entire “No Holiday” EP and stay tuned for more from Jimmy Swag. 

Listen to “Maybe” here and read more with Jimmy Swagg below! 

Hey Jimmy, welcome to BuzzMusic! Was there something or someone in your life that inspired you to start making music?

There have been so many that have shaped me and my art. But to say that someone or something inspired me would be incorrect. My mother has tapes of me as a baby beating pots as a drum and singing my heart out! Music is me and I am music! There’s no other way to explain it. I ran away from music for a long time, came back and misunderstood music, which led me to today...the most I’ve ever been in love with music!

What’s you debut single “Maybe” all about? What was the writing process like for you?

I moved to Los Angeles from Waco, Texas five years ago and I’ve faced some of the toughest challenges that have given me new levels of perception of this life, my life. I feel like my life fell completely apart in a very slow way in 2018. Music, writing, and exercising have helped me move forward! Of course, expressing myself for the first time as an artist meant I could say whatever I wanted o say! And what I wanted to say was that I was broken, hurt, sad, scared, and confused! “Maybe” is an acknowledgement of all these feelings, thoughts, and emotions while at the same time declaring that I’ll do whatever it takes to be happy.

Fuck, the saying is true...your best comes out of the darkness!

What artists influence your music?

That’s a tricky question because it’s more of like, what do I feel I need and want?! I’ll fall in love with an artist or band all over again after them being absent in my musical life for years! That’s why I love music! There are no fuckin’ rules! And all these “professionals” trying to tell people what to do...fuck that! Go do it yourself! The one band that has truly hit home and has helped me liberate  this artistry within me has been the Red Hot Chili Peppers, more specifically Anthony Kiedis. I just finished reading his autobiography and I was completely inspired. I felt such a strong connection to his struggle and his battle within himself over his own vocal ability....I love that he shared that because damn, I struggle with that at times too!

What do you hope your listeners take away from your EP “No Holiday”?

I want listeners to FEEL something! I’m not or here preaching or trying to convert anyone to my music. Fuck that! I want listeners to know that I feel them, I hear them, and I desire with such a passion to be able to translate all those emotions into my music...OUR MUSIC. Listen, I work very fuckin’ hard every day! Those that truly know me, know that his is no exaggeration. So this album is dedicated to my fellow Mexicans that work so hard for a better future and for their families. This album goes out to all those from my hometown that have had to fight and who want more out of life. This album goes out to my family that shaped this desire and helped me turn it into a real creation. And to all those reading or listening, thank you...I am nothing without your love and support!

What’s next for Jimmy Swagg?

More music and always more music! I want to be the best in the world! And I’m doing everything possible to make that happen. I want to reach new audiences around the world! I want to entertain the masses everywhere and anywhere. And I want to give you, the world, my life, in everything I do, with my best efforts always, hoping to inspire you, and hoping you fuckin’ throw your horns up for ROCK! 


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