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Experience Liz Bohannon's Personal Journey With Her Recent Music Video For, "Wanted"

Hailing from Nashville, the sensational Singer/Songwriter Liz Bohannon offers boundless empowerment with her break-up anthem, "Wanted," and this single's conceptual music video. 

Liz Bohannon is always one to instill deeper meanings and concepts within her music, especially now, as she continues to release tracks and videos that allow listeners to relate to the troublesome times we're currently seeing. 

Her latest single, "Wanted," takes us through the post-breakup thought process and not wanting to let go entirely. Not to mention the song's equally heartfelt music video where Liz Bohannon is seen packing her bags, living in her car, and traveling miles to clear her head.

The song's passionate tone and soulful approach are perfectly complemented by the video's reflective and empowering concept. 

The single "Wanted" opens with short acoustic guitar bursts and delicate background drum patterns. As Liz Bohannon begins singing an introspective story of wanting to make her significant other happy, she later comes through with reminiscent lyrics of how their love once was. All while Liz Bohannon's warm and organic vocals are accompanied by soothing instrumentals through melodic piano, more prominent percussion breaks, and Liz Bohannon's sweet acoustic guitar.

Taking a look at the music video, we see scenes of Liz Bohannon packing her suitcase and hitting the open Nashville road. Not to mention scenes of her sitting down and reflecting while strumming away on her guitar and moving from hotel to hotel, we can feel her inner wanderer shine through as she begins to take her journey independently. 

The overall experience that Liz Bohannon has offered with "Wanted" is not only empowering but incredibly ear-pleasing and emotional.

We're taken back to Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" era with Liz Bohannon's soulful single, and we're bracing ourselves for more compelling and warm pieces to follow.  

Your single "Wanted" is incredibly thoughtful, reflective, and empowering. What inspired you to create a single surrounding post-breakup thought? 

Thank you! There was no specific event for me that inspired this song, it was a co-write that went really well. I didn't realize how much of a personal connection I had to it until later on. 

Seeing as your single "Wanted" was produced by Jon Stark, how did he help execute the vision you had for the song's instrumentals and sonics? What did the creative process look like?

Jon had the guitar groove that you hear in the verses on loop when I got to the session. I loved the feel of it. We started writing the song there and fleshed out the rest over the course of the day. Jon produced the track and had the vision behind it. One talented guy there! I loved working with him on the vocals. He's so good at vocal production. He gave me great direction for it. I remember having trouble connecting/being able to  "go there" for part of the song and he gave me the advice to  "just let your voice fall apart". Something clicked for me after that. 

Speaking on the independent and introspective music video for "Wanted," how did you come up with the concept of traveling/living in your car, bouncing from hotel to hotel, and staying completely solo?

Filmmaker and friend, Hodges Usry, is the mastermind behind the video. He came up with the concept of me traveling and touring while living out of my car. We had a blast doing it- it was just the two of us running and gunning it over the course of two days. There were several strokes of luck that made it all come together as it did - the car we used kind of fell out of the sky - we were having trouble finding one with the look we wanted, and were starting to get disheartened when I asked the guy that runs the car repair shop I use if he knew of anyone with an older model wagon. He gave me a number to try and it turned out this man had the coolest model/color of them all and was willing to let us use it for the video. It was a miracle! 

For the hotel shots, we found this haunted motel on the East side of town. It was definitely a place to be during the day-time only,  as there were some serious eery vibes about it. Legend states that there are WWII soldiers buried in the walls that haunt the grounds at night. I was relieved we got the shots that we needed in a good time and got out of there without any run-ins!

There was one part of the music video for "Wanted," where you're seen bringing a letter deep into the woods. What was the significance of this scene, and how does it sum up the video's concept?

That was our first version of the video - the letter was going to be the theme that signified her moving on from this break-up, but we ended up cutting that out in the final version, and instead of making it about a specific relationship, going with a more open-ended approach. 

What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

Continuing to create new material is what keeps me inspired and fulfilled. The second single of this collection comes out at the end of this month, and the rest of the EP --to be released early in the new year! I'm so excited for everyone to hear it.

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