Experience Lyrical Perfection With Jenna x's Debut Single, "When The Party's Over.."

From New York to Los Angeles, the Alt-Pop artist and Singer-Songwriter Jenna x release a relatable and vulnerable debut single with "When The Party's Over.."

After moving to Los Angeles, Jenna x found herself writing and creating more music than ever. When asked about where she's headed musically, Jenna x stated, "I want to write songs about real human feelings that I would be too scared to talk about otherwise—everyone feels things, and I hope that people can listen to my music and be reminded of the times they felt that way."

Diving into her debut single, "When The Party's Over..," Jenna x mentioned that the song isn't necessarily about a person, but that feeling of distraction from our emotional turmoil and meeting back up with said emptiness once the party ends. Through somber alt-pop production and a reflective sonic atmosphere, Jenna x sings her inner-monologue for us to relate.

Jenna x's single, "When The Party's Over.." opens with gloomy piano melodies and her soothing vocal portrayal. While Jenna x continues singing in an ethereal and calming tone, she tells an incredibly relatable story of fighting your inner demons with distractions until we're bound to meet up with them once again.

The sonic atmosphere continues to swell with a soothing string section, pulsating sub-bass, and delicate drum breaks that allow Jenna x's vocals to stand front and center. We're highly impressed with Jenna x's relatable and genuine lyricism on this piece, as she introduces listeners to her profoundly intriguing and delicate sound.

Catch Jenna x's emotional, relatable, and honest debut single "When The Party's Over.." on all digital streaming platforms, and keep an eye on the singer-songwriter as she launches her career with strength.

Hello Jenna X, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, "When The Party's Over.." Why did you want this piece to lead the way of your up-and-coming career?

Thank you! I felt like “When The Party’s Over..” was the best introduction to who I am as an artist. The combination of my inner thoughts and stories with the melodies I write is what I try to have my songs be—I want to tell stories through the musical pictures I paint, and I thought this one was an accurate representation of who I was when I painted it.

What inspired the emotional lyrical content for your single "When The Party's Over..?" Did you find it difficult to write lyrics about the feeling of loss?

Everyone has felt loneliness, emptiness, the feeling that they will never be fully understood, and the fear that comes with it. I, like a lot of other people, used to struggle with them and relied on other distractions that can make me forget for even just a moment. When I wrote this song, I felt that I have dealt with those feelings and processed them for long enough that I was ready to pour out my honest thoughts and feelings about them. Reliving those moments when writing the song was a clear reminder of those feelings, but rather than being engulfed by them, I was eager to tell the story and paint a picture of the song.

What was your initial vision for the sonic atmosphere within “When The Party’s Over..?” How did you want listeners to feel when experiencing the song’s entirety?

I like to think of my songs as scenes from films—I want my music to illustrate everything I envisioned in my head when I wrote them, and oftentimes they appear as full visual experiences. It’s everything from the location, the weather, and anything else that might be happening. I definitely want my listeners to look back in their lives and find a moment when they felt the weight of emptiness and having no one and nowhere to go to and visualize their own scenes in their heads (to me, this song is walking down MacDougal Street in NYC drunk at 3:30, missing that someone or something that I cannot go back to). I also want people who are either going through these feelings or have gone through these feelings to relate and to be comforted by the fact they are not alone.

Seeing as you're relatively new to the industry, could you tell us more about your brand and what you stand for as an artist?

I moved around a lot and never really settled while growing up, so a big part of my identity is not knowing what I am or where I’m really from. That is the confusion that I will live with for the rest of my life. So I want to navigate my journey to self-discovery through music, which is just aspects of the world that are filtered through my unique lens. Also, I’m a very visual person, and I just want to make pretty songs. Simply put, I want to be able to express my inner thoughts through music.

What message do you want your listeners to take away from you and your music?

Everyone has a story, philosophies, life experiences, and thoughts that make them unique. It’s what makes them who they are and why they are. I want people to look at my journey as an artist and be inspired to tell their own stories. And of course, for people to relate to, enjoy, cry over, and find comfort in my music.