Experience Lyrical Perfection With Jenna x's Debut Single, "When The Party's Over.."

From New York to Los Angeles, the Alt-Pop artist and Singer-Songwriter Jenna x release a relatable and vulnerable debut single with "When The Party's Over.."

After moving to Los Angeles, Jenna x found herself writing and creating more music than ever. When asked about where she's headed musically, Jenna x stated, "I want to write songs about real human feelings that I would be too scared to talk about otherwise—everyone feels things, and I hope that people can listen to my music and be reminded of the times they felt that way."

Diving into her debut single, "When The Party's Over..," Jenna x mentioned that the song isn't necessarily about a person, but that feeling of distraction from our emotional turmoil and meeting back up with said emptiness once the party ends. Through somber alt-pop production and a reflective sonic atmosphere, Jenna x sings her inner-monologue for us to relate.

Jenna x's single, "When The Party's Over.." opens with gloomy piano melodies and her soothing vocal portrayal. While Jenna x continues singing in an ethereal and calming tone, she tells an incredibly relatable story of fighting your inner demons with distractions until we're bound to meet up with them once again.

The sonic atmosphere continues to swell with a soothing string section, pulsating sub-bass, and delicate drum breaks that allow Jenna x's vocals to stand front and center. We're highly impressed with Jenna x's relatable and genuine lyricism on this piece, as she introduces listeners to her profoundly intriguing and delicate sound.