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Experience Meli Malavasi's Stunning Vocal Performance on "El Sonido de la Noche"

L.A. based, Costa Rican Singer/Songwriter Meli Malavasi releases her warm and sweet-sounding single, "El Sonido de la Noche."

Embracing her roots and leaving a mark on the industry, Meli Malavasi has seen incredible fortune with her music career. Being a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and receiving various sync placements, Meli Malavasi is evidently here to stay.

Her recent single "El Sonido de la Noche" takes the listener on an evening journey through crisp air in the summer's heat. Sharing her fluent Spanish with us, she sings in such an elegant and inviting way that wraps the listener into her captivating vocal performance. 

"El Sonido de la Noche" opens with a groovy bassline and mid-tempo beat. While Meli Malavasi softly begins singing, we're introduced to such pure talent and in a mesmerizing way. Faint electronic synths dance in the background and add depth to the magnetic beat. Around the pre-chorus, Meli's vocals stand-alone with subtle claps and layered background vocals, truly pushing the calm and mellow atmosphere. Although she serenades us in Spanish, she brings this attitude and performance that pushes the song's overall vibe, which anyone can understand. 

Ending the song off with a steady mid-tempo groove and Meli Malavasi's vocals inducing chills up the listener's spine, "El Sonido de la Noche" brings an ambiance like no other. 

Hello Meli, it's so great to have you back with us at BuzzMusic to chat about what you've been up to since we last spoke. Can you tell us, what was your initial inspiration for your single "El Sonido de la Noche," and why did you choose to release it at the end of summer?

I wrote the song with my friend and genius producer Zion Brock, and our initial inspiration was the feeling of freedom you taste through music. We all feel that summer nostalgia and carry it with us through fall, just like when we meet someone special, and although we might not see them again, we were present at that moment and time and shared something wonderful together. 

For our readers who might not fully understand the Spanish language, what was your lyrical message on "El Sonido de la Noche"? 

El Sonido de la noche means “ The Sound of the Night.” The sound of the night refers to the music playing, stars, crickets, people around you..... basically everything that is involved in creating that wonderful experience you enjoy while being present and dancing. In this song, I remember those summer nights where I danced by the Costa Rican beach.

How has your Costa Rican heritage impacted your music career and how you create and have you noticed any change since living in Los Angeles?

Being a Costa Rica native has helped me appreciate different types of music. We hear music from the United States, Europe, etc. Costa Rica is like a musical bridge and that has a big impact on the music I create because I always try to incorporate those sounds, electronic beats, melodies, and lyrics in my music. 

LA has definitely helped me to always stick to my roots and tell my personal stories through music, instead of chasing a trend.

What can you tell us about your upcoming full Spanish EP, and what your recording process was like with Grammy award-winning musical director Emmanuel Briceno?

My EP “ Girasol” ( sunflower ) is out now and it was such a wonderful experience to work with one of my idols. Emmanuel is part of the famous Latin band “ Juanes.” I grew up going to their concerts, so that was a dream come true! 

I named it Sunflower because, just like a sunflower,  we should always be chasing the sun( new dreams, new adventures, positivism in our life )

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

As a creative, I have the responsibility to help people, and I, feel good through music and provide some kind of relief. My inspiration is to remind everyone that everything’s ok and we just have to dance it out and keep walking. 



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