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Experience Nathan Samuelson’s Limitless Trumpet Playing On “City Lights Ahead”

With class and grace, Jazz artist Nathan Samuelson releases the title track off his debut album “City Lights Ahead.”

Son of a renowned trumpet-playing father and beloved flautist/pianist mother, Nathan Samuelson’s musical journey was bound to take place. Performing as an entertainer on cruise ships and sharing his masterful trumpet playing with the world,

Nathan Samuelson is known for blending imagery of new horizons and the love of home. His leading title track off his debut album “City Lights Ahead” serves ear-pleasing jazz instrumentation giving your soul plenty of breathing room. From Nathan’s ethereal vocals with sombre lyrics that portray his heart's emotion to his stunning trumpet playing, the track finds peace in these worrisome days.

“City Lights Ahead” begins with Nathan Samuelson’s passionate lyrics and serene down-tempo trumpet melodies. Softly singing authentic lyrics like “You're far away, I can't explain my deep desire to be there by your side,” he effortlessly emotes his feelings through prime songwriting.

As smooth drum patterns and electric guitar make their way in, “City Lights Ahead” takes a more instrumental turn and amplifies Nathan Samuelson’s surreal trumpet abilities.

While incorporating a variety of instrumentation from guitar to keys, he still manages to obtain his soothing trumpet melodies to stand out and take the lead. With an enticing title track, we’re left wanting to discover the rest of the album and experience Nathan Samuelson’s breathtaking talent.


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