Experience Night-Light Warmth on “Soft Blue Lights” by Tex Moonlight

Tex Moonlight, from Baltimore, Maryland, is a musician with his own specialized genre of music. Engulfing himself in the underground hip-hop scene while searching for old classic folk hits allowed inspiration to hit him from many different angles. Combining folk music with electronic elements, he has created an experience in which warm folk tones fuse with vibrant new-age technology. With already having an LP release 'Moonshot', he has now decided to come out with a new singled called “Soft Blue Lights”. Moments of true singer-songwriter abilities, as well as effective, thought out production is exhibited in “Soft Blue Lights

Within the very first moments of "Soft Blue Lights", listeners can feel the warmth Tex Moonlight intends to display. The guitar tone is mixed to sound very warm and natural, yet prominent so it can drive the entirety of the song. The guitar is reminiscent of old folk but processed with new technology to make the sounds cleaner. With a burst of the electronic drum, the atmosphere of this song takes on the feeling of compassion. Next, we hear Tex Moonlight come in with his first lyrics. With such a welcoming yet powerful tone, Tex Moonlight captivates the listener with the story of “Soft Blue Lights”. Tex Moonlight displays a unique ability in “Soft Blue Lights”, which is the capability to tell a story within a song. I feel as if this is a lost talent within the newer age of music. However, Tex Moonlight not only reflects this skill but also presents us with a wholesome song, like “Soft Blue Lights”.

Listen to “Soft Blue Lights” here.