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Experience Odd City And Their Latest Single, “The Upside Down”

Straight from Detroit is front-forward rock band Odd City. With one listen, true rock enthusiasts will hone into the band's flavourful heavy rock-inspired eccentrics. Consisting of Mike Szumlinski (vocals, lead guitar), Mike Kap (bass, vocals), Pavel Guysinsky (rhythm guitar), and Brett Redwood (drums), Odd City brings a riveting performance with every curated single, ensuring their audience has an elaborately juvenile time.

The latest single from the band has been titled "The Upside Down" and it's one of those tracks that are unpredictable with its essence. Produced by Chuck Alkazian, "The Upside Down" features a real sharp and brute-like kind of tone. Odd City does everything in their power to showcase their usual hard rock extravaganza, which entails aggressive vocals, striking parallels, growling electronics, and an overall widespread cerebral appeal.

"The common theme of the album lyrically seems to be the separation of one’s self from various things in life. It felt like fission. The themes of each song carried at least a little if not a lot of that." - Brett Redwood (drums)

Immediately upon pressing play, listeners are thrown into a world of assertive expression. The band does a phenomenal job at crafting powerful imagery in "The Upside Down" through gritty, forceful tones that also stimulate deep introspection. Distorted and deep guitar riffs persistently fill the air, so it wouldn't be wise to leave your guard down in "The Upside Down," as the single has too much fortitude. Rhythmically, Guysinsky ensures that the band's song hits the right kind of spot, commanding a full-body response from willing listeners. A potent sensation makes its way up to our spines as each vigorously compelling lyric leave both Szuminski and Kap's mouths.

All in all, the band strategically meshed their efforts together to generate an authentic heavy rock song that we surely got impassioned by.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Odd City. What inspired the name of both your group, Odd City, and the recent single offered by the group, titled "The Upside Down?" Mike: I believe the genesis of the name actually came from not being able to hear well. The name “Odyssey” was thrown out there, which morphed into Odd City. Brett: We went with it because the name didn’t seem to push us into a genre. It felt open-ended. The Upside Down is pretty much ripped from Stranger Things, but it went well with the theme of the lyrics because the story is about the morning after a breakup, and I felt like I flipped in that world for a night. Pavel: We went through a couple of different names and ultimately a short and simple name that people would remember and not forget is pretty much how it came to be. Brett and his lyrics were the inspiration for the title of The Upside Down… as it was something personal he went through that the name concluded the events ever so perfect. Were there any creative struggles that the band encountered while coming up with the theme and overall feeling the song would project? Brett: We rolled with it on that one. Since we write the instrumentals first the lyrics just have to fit in. Pavel: This song just came out and revealed itself, especially the main riff you hear in the beginning. Mike: Since I came in late to the song, I had to write accompanying parts to things that technically already existed. Where do I double? Where do I play nothing? Where do I harmonize? Other than a short lead solo at the end, this song is really about everyone else in the band and I am just adding where it makes sense. What would you guys say was the best element to creating "The Upside Down" together? Brett: Pulling off the chopped-up ending is like robbing a bank. Pavel: We kept it interesting in the end. We wanted to throw off the listener, so they listened to it again. Mike: For me, it is the bridge and strange harmonies we came up with there. Are there any aspects to "The Upside Down" that the band was hoping weren't missed by listeners? Brett: No worries about what’s missed. Just enjoy. We do the details, so there is something to catch on the 5th or 6th listen. Pavel: Nothing missed. Just enjoy and listen! Mike: If you listen closely, you get to hear Brett sing “I’ll burn for you” at the very end of the song. He was trying to teach Kap and me what he thought the song needed there and he hopped on the mic. We got back into the control room and it sounded perfect in the place as it was, so that’s his one vocal part on the album. What's next for you? Brett: We have the next album in the works! Pavel: We are back to writing a lot of new awesome music that we are going to be super excited to share soon and we are booking shows as well.



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