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Experience Pavy’s Textured Bars With His Latest Catchy Single “2 Blues”

Rapper Pavy returns with his dexterous flow on his latest single “2 Blues”. Raised in four countries around Africa, Pavy uses his different journeys to answer questions of home, self, love, and life through his music. His passion and devotion to music serve as a limitless portal of creativity and exploration, making it difficult to predict what he’ll release next. Pavy’s single “2 Blues” brings an incredibly modern feel with dark Hip Hop production and his clean-cut vocals. Growing up being known as the loudest person in the room, his single “2 Blues” exhibits Pavy’s flexibility from softer delivery to loud hard-hitting bars.

“2 Blues” starts off with haunting production setting a dark and adventurous atmosphere. As Pavy’s vocals make their way to the forefront, he begins rapping with an intense yet reserved delivery, anticipating his loud and hard-hitting verse. With crisp supporting production that keeps Pavy’s message direct and candid, we’re left grooving to the tracks underlying drum breaks and deep melodies. His ability to serve the same message with different volumes and delivery shine right through on his single “2 Blues”, all while keeping us locked in with his complex bars and fresh production. It’s clear that we’re excited about Pavy’s next release, although his versatility makes it hard to pin down which path he might take.

You can listen to "2 Blues" here.


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