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Experience Pure "Power," From Kinkade's Feverish Release

Toronto native, Kinkade is blowing up stages left, right, and center with particular prominence in the form of his recent release "Power."

Produced by CHERRY BLU, this intriguing track debuts the intrepid sound of a riveting vocalist combined with dynamic creativeness from egregious production. This collaboration sheds light on a much-desired combination of vigorous lyricism and nifty, futuristic cadence.

Right off the hop, we get an overflowing dose of power from a glimmering chorus with a lively deliverance from Kinkade. With serenading saxophone play and a vicious bassline, listeners can delve deep inside this gritty and vital hit.

A fluid toast to women's empowerment, appropriate to women's history month, this song is an incredible monument and example to the relevance of uplifting the body and mind to a higher and more conscious idea of music and its effectiveness.

With rhythmic sound and ambient atmosphere projected above your wildest measure, experience the fabulous culmination of this music and its skillful contributors. Expect further excellence from this gifted duo and be sure to check out their strapping EP on Spotify titled 'Risk It For The Biscuit.'

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kinkade, we're so pleased to get the chance to listen to your recent hit "Power." At what moment did you know that the two of you would be an incredible combination?

Honestly, CHERRY BLU is one of the best producers. His personality coupled with his versatility in his production goes unmatched. Don’t let him fool you - I knew when he showed me an Erykah Badu sample that he remixed and I couldn’t believe what he did with it. That night he posted it on SoundCloud and I told my mom you need to listen to this and that was that.

How do you plan on continuing to expand on your musical versatility?

My style is forever growing. I take vocal and guitar lessons to improve technique, and make a habit of reading the dictionary and bio/autobiographies to expand my vocabulary. I also enjoy exploring and applying new literary and poetic devices to my lyrics - gotta keep it fresh! I would also call myself an eternally curious person. Life is like a giant university for me, I consume knowledge like a sponge and am always looking for ways to learn and grow both as a person and an artist.

What does it mean to you, if you could sum it up into a few words, to create music for the public?

Simply put, I aspire to add color to people's lives through my music while using my lyrics to emphasize topics that I believe need to be brought to light and discussed more. Making music is my source of direction in this life, and plays a vital and integral role in helping me understand myself better.

If you could name a few, who are some artists you have received creative inspiration from?

J. Cole, Nas, and Biggie would be the main three, but I also take inspiration from eras. I love sampling and find a little something special in every genre.

What would you like new listeners to know about the music that you create?

I used to make raps cause I had nothing to lose. Now I make music 'cause I have everything to gain.


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