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Experience Raw Emotion In folxzb's New EP, 'Moments After'

Drifting in from Houston, Texas, r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter folxzb releases a diary of emotion and experiences with his latest 8-track EP, 'Moments After.'

folxzb's delicate and crooning vocals are enough to bring anyone to their knees. His surroundings and personal relationships heavily inspire his sound, which can be heard on his latest EP, 'Moments After.' The project is said to be an ode to his personal experience of being a man living through a modern love story.

Beginning our venture into the EP, we're met with the sonically stunning introductory track, "Take Over." The song was produced by Viktor Crow, and it offers all this deepened and pent-up emotion that can only be said through lush sonics. Listening to folxzb's soothing vocals, he begins to tell the tale of being an introvert and often being associated with weakness, when in fact, it's the opposite. This song is the perfect introduction to the project; it has all the vibes and emotions we could ask for.

Moving onto the next track, "Same Mistakes," the song kicks off with Cyclope Beatz's harmonious and melancholy production alongside folxzb's crooning and emotional vocals. While he begins to sing about the troubles of an on-again, off-again relationship, folxzb perfectly portrays the feelings of wanting to stop but knowing damn well that he can't. With a few lustful undertones and nods, this short but sweet track comes to an end with the utmost vulnerability. This track carries a similar tone and style to Drake's "Jaded."

Hitting play on track number three, "YDLR 2.0," we already know the direction that folxzb will take, seeing that he's upping the emotion and heart of Tory Lanez's hit, "YDLR." folxzb opens the song with his dreamy vocal stylings alongside Jbyss' haunting and downtempo production that melts our speakers with a certain irresistible ambiance. While folxzb sings a saddened message of being in love with someone who's paired with someone else, folxzb drenches us in nothing but relatable and heartfelt emotion.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with "Drunk Text," the song opens with hazy background synths, courtesy of Cue Sheet's delicate and chilling production. As folxzb begins to pour his smooth and velvet vocals over our speakers, he sings the relatable message of drunk texting someone in the wee hours of the night. This might be the most vulnerable and emotional track within the EP; folxzb has such a way with words that tug on each and every heartstring in the utmost delicate and comforting manner.

Moving onto track number five, "Just Like Me," folxzb spices things up with ricci's dense and compact production that hits our speakers with vast modernity and contemporary production techniques. Listening to folxzb's serenade, he takes his time to sing about an unhealthy relationship and the many mind games played by both parties. That said, it's clear that folxzb is sick and tired of playing these games, wishing he could get the answers he deserves. Thus far, we're more than impressed with folxzb's relatable concepts and thorough lyrical content.

Reaching the next track, "Thing For You," the song kicks off with folxzb's solid production, which offers this downtempo and moody r&b beat alongside wavy background synths and hazy piano melodies. folxzb spices up his vocal delivery in this track, where he expands on an open relationship where two partners happen to be sleeping with their "side pieces" at the same time. He also offers this conceptual perspective switch where both parties make their sides known in an incredibly passionate and heartfelt way.

Making our way to the final tracks of the EP with the seventh, "Joint Conversations," this might just be our favorite song on the project. The track opens with Jbyss's haunting and chilling production while folxzb smoothly makes his way in and invites someone to participate in the good old sparked-joint conversations. This song carries a similar vibe to 6LACK, and we absolutely adore it. While folxzb learns more about someone during those joint conversations, he begins to fall head over heels for them, one hit at a time.

Landing on the final and outro track, "Rising Tensions Freestyle," folxzb mentioned that this was the most vulnerable song on the EP, and we totally see why. While Treih Earl's soothing and atmospheric production rains down from above, folxzb jumps into his passionate flow and portrays his endless emotions for someone special. Although their relationship is fairly troubled, folxzb wears his heart on his sleeve to not only close the album on this deeply passionate note but to portray how appreciative he is of this special someone.

We're more than impressed with the expressive emotion and passion within folxzb's latest 8-track EP, 'Moments After,' and we encourage you to experience it for yourself. 'Moments After' is available on all digital streaming platforms.

We truly appreciate the heart and soul you've brought to your recent EP, 'Moments After.' What inspired you to create such an honest project about troubled love?

Well, I was dealing with some troubled love and I was really going through it. Music had always been a form of therapy for me and most especially at this time. I found that I was listening to a lot of "heartbreak music"...what most people call RnB/Soul. My favorite artists (ELHAE, 6lack, Bryson Tiller, etc) were all saying the things I wanted to say and they were saying it so succinctly. I wanted to communicate what I was dealing with and I wanted to do it creatively so I just took a stab at it. The result of that first try ended up being "Same Mistakes" and I just took that energy and confidence and ran with it.

What was the most challenging part about creating the 'Moments After' EP? Was it difficult for you to wear your heart on your sleeve?

The most challenging part was actually releasing Moments After to the world. I'm an introvert so I tend to keep my private life private. I sat on these songs for a long time... In all honesty, the EP was ready probably 6 months before I let it out. Apart from my really close friends, nobody had ever really seen or heard that side of me before.

Which song is the most personal to you within the 'Moments After' EP? Which song is closest to your heart?

Same Mistakes and Drunk Text are definitely closest to my heart. Those were the first two songs I wrote...The emotions on those songs were very fresh and that actually inspired the name of the EP. These were my thoughts Moments After a pretty rough situation.

What was it like working with the team of producers for 'Moments After'? Have you worked with these producers before?

I'm self-produced. I choose the beats that resonate with me the most. I'm pretty new at this so I haven't "worked" with a lot of producers. I just download beats that I like and I make beats sometimes. I master my tracks sometimes. Depends on how I'm feeling really...

What impact do you hope to make on the listener with the 'Moments After' EP? What do you hope your audience takes away from the project?

I want the listener to know me. I want the audience to know what I've been through and I want to do it creatively.


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