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Experience Tanya George's Unique A cappella With Her Latest Hit, "Normality"

Melbourne's own Tanya George releases her thrilling title track to her upcoming EP "Normality."

You may already be familiar with the unique musical stylings of Tanya George, as her technical vocal looping isn't something to miss. Creating music that mostly resides within A cappella, Tanya George is exuding natural talent for listeners to bask in. 

Especially with her recent hit "Normality," Tanya George crafted this track with countless vocal layers that add deepened texture to the track. Her firm delivery pushes through while her lyrics question preconceived notions of normality and what society considers normal.

"Normality" begins with a gleeful acapella beat consisting of Tanya George's warm and fiery vocals. She wastes no time and jumps into this track with powerful energy that pushes modern-day music norms and continues to wow us with each transition.

Her verses are full of authenticity and originality as she delivers such clever lyricism that lines up with the track's contagious rhythm. Not only is Tanya George questioning society's version of normality, but she exceeds expectations with her unique vocal delivery and intricate vocal looping.

The underlying beat (being Tanya's tightly-wound vocals) keeps the track bumping with a playful energy that has the listener locked in for more. We've truly never heard anything like Tanya George's music, especially with her title track "Normality" that pushes musical boundaries and keeps us tuned in for more. 

Hey Tanya and thank you for sitting down with us at BuzzMusic. What inspired the lyrical message within your song "Normality," and what made you want to create a track that highlights authenticity?

I was questioning; what makes life normal? I find it so interesting that certain parts of humanity consider standard parts of life to be normal and other parts to be abnormal. For example, if an employee wears a suit to work that's considered normal but if they wore a Pikachu costume that would be very abnormal. Why? I have never lived a normal typical life so at times I feel like normality is mad at me. 2020 is a perfect example of how we aren't living what we consider our normal lives.

Seeing as your track "Normality" was engineered by Jimmy Alexander, what was the production process like when laying down your vocals as the song's main beat?

I had written the whole EP in 4 days. In the studio, we broke down all the sections one at a time. Usually, I started recording the drums first by beatboxing. Then we would move to sing bass sounds followed by layering the harmonies which would make up the chords like a guitar or piano followed by extra parts, lead vocals, backing vocals, and lastly harmonies. Normality is definitely the hardest to execute live- I need double loopers for it.

What made you choose this route with your music and create scorching acapella that pushes modern-day musical boundaries? 

I wanted to challenge the preconceived idea of what makes normal pop music. It also came from busking solo, I couldn't afford a new guitar so I just used my voice on the streets to create the instruments or sounds I wanted. It stuck and people liked it.

Do you feel that acapella is more or less tedious than laying down an instrumental beat?

It's cool because I personally never refer to my songs as acapella, I always call it vocal looping. I think I have always viewed my voice on the same level as playing an instrument. I feel like my vocal looping comes from a very heartfelt place and it's really personal. It's definitely more creative and challenging for me than laying down instrumental beats.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what we should expect regarding your upcoming EP "Normality"? 

Lots of vocal layers and harmonies! I am emulating what instruments would fill out so they are full tracks. The 6 track EP is a journey; it starts with an intro one main vocal message discussing the voice as one of the most important parts, followed by Writing Machine, Normality, Woodland, an interlude which discusses a lot of thoughts and what the songs are about and My Hymn to end.

What makes the project different from your previous bodies of work?

My "Normality" EP is a completely solo project people have seen me perform when I busk. I wrote and I'm producing everything you hear. The next album will have my band back on it. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

I think the will to not give up and be defeated by no live music. It's been hard to stay inspired and to promote my music but by pushing through I just want to remind and encourage other emerging artists to not give up. Keep going, keep pushing! So much can easily bring you down in music. You just have to stay strong and stay true to what you love.


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