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Experience The Beauty Of Leisure Hour’s Latest Heartfelt Hit, “Ivy Tech”

Leisure Hour is a three-piece emo indie group that burst onto the Midwest music scene with spirited music and striking stage presence. The band’s journey began last spring when their tight-knit fanbase raised $10,000, enabling the recording of their debut studio album, "The Sunnyside." This endeavor took place in July 2022 with the guidance of Gary Cioni at Sound Acre Studios, famed for collaborations with bands like Hot Mulligan and Free Throw. Currently, on a Midwest and East Coast tour, Leisure Hour is gradually revealing its latest material. With their open-hearted storytelling and compelling live performances, they are steadily carving a niche in the alternative emo-rock scene. They're set to release their latest single, "Ivy Tech," on June 21, 2023.

"Ivy Tech" represents a poignant journey from guitarist and vocalist Isaiah Neal's tragedy. After the untimely death of his brother in a biking accident in 2017, followed by the sudden loss of his uncle and cousin in 2021, Neal’s experience catalyzed the creation of “Ivy Tech.” The track reflects the experience of receiving devastating news, the grief process, and eventually realizing that, in Isiah’s words, “death is the monster of beauty.”

“Ivy Tech" is also a musical testament to Leisure Hour's evolution as an artist. The song is characterized by upbeat drums, evoking an element of resilience amidst a sorrowful experience. The expressive vocals carry a mesmerizing raw emotion, making the song feel like a cathartic experience. These musical elements create a song that symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and death, highlighting human existence's bittersweet beauty. This summer, audiences will have a chance to witness this musical wonder firsthand as Leisure Hour takes "Ivy Tech" on their 2023 tour.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Leisure Hour, and congratulations on your latest release, "Ivy Tech." First, tell our readers how you arrived at the name "Leisure Hour" and its significance.

Grace: I originally thought of the name “Athleisure” and liked its phonetics, but I didn’t want the band to be associated with sports. I then found “Leisure Hour,” which I thought accurately reflected the mission of the band, which is to create a space of freedom and enjoyment through music.

How have your Midwest roots influenced your music?

Being raised in the Midwest, we have an attitude of warm welcomeness and gratitude that we strive to emit in our personal lives and the art we create. So yeah, the Midwest hospitality shines in our music, I suppose.

Could you walk us through creating "Ivy Tech"?"

Isaiah: I wrote “Ivy Tech” after my uncle and cousin passed away the same week. This brought up a lot of pain from my brother’s passing years ago. I sat down with my guitar, and the song just came out. It was a very cathartic experience. I brought it to the band, where we jammed it out and recorded it at Sound Acres Studio with Gary Cioni.

Could you expand on the phrase "death is the monster of beauty" and how it relates to the context of "Ivy Tech?"

Isaiah: I think there’s a bit of misunderstanding here, as the saying is, “Death is the mother of beauty.” The phrase points out that for something to be beautiful, it must be perishable and have an impending end. This is true for everything in our lives and for our lives themselves. “ Ivy Tech” details my experience contemplating this idea and applying it to deaths in my family in an attempt to heal.

How do you hope listeners will connect with or take away from the story of “Ivy Tech?"

We hope listeners feel seen, comforted, and changed after hearing “Ivy Tech.” Death is a touchy topic, both in the idea that we will all die someday and in coping with a loved one’s death. Hopefully, this song will bring some peace to people by replacing the anxiety of impending doom with an appreciation for the beauty that death provides.

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