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Experience the Best Worldwide Quarantine Music Video for Mykel’s Track “Speed of Light”

From Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, Pop artist Mykel surprises the industry by releasing the first-ever worldwide quarantined music video for her single “Speed of Light”.

With hope to spread her message of keeping our energy high by doing what we love, Mykel’s latest music video “Speed of Light” does exactly that. She’s teamed up with dance academy’s across the world (Rad Dance Academy in Los Angeles, The Boom Crew in Salt Lake City and the Lebanon Dance Academy), to invite dancers to keep their creative energy flowing by being apart of her music video “Speed of Light”. Which was also produced, directed, and choreographed 100% remotely.

Mykel’s music video for “Speed of Light” begins with shots of ghost town cities and streets. With methodical imagery of a dancer alone while text forms on the screen to inform viewers why Mykel has created a video to bring awareness to the Pandemic, it states “Millions of artists/creatives find themselves out of gigs, studios, classrooms and places to express themselves.” As her up-beat track “Speed of Sound” takes center stage, we’re left with the creative editing of many different dancers executing the same choreography from their own homes. Not to mention the thrilling performance from Mykel herself, she’s put together an empowering music video that shares limitless inspiration with artists/creatives to keep doing what they love during these unsettling times.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mykel! We’re in love with your message on your latest up-lifting music video for “Speed of Light”. Could you share the process behind getting in touch with every dancer and executing the powerful music video?

Totally! First, none of this would have been possible without our choreographer Heidi Jarrett, and teaming up with Retter's Academy of Dance in LA. The first call I made was to Heidi (a long time friend of mine) who has choreographed for me in the past. Once she got on board she teamed up with Retter's and combined with a mass social media audition call, and reaching out to the contacts me and my co-director/editor Francois Bittar (who had our Lebanon Academy of Dance connections) had in the dance world, we were able to round up a solid 25 dancers from literally all over the world! Then it was just a million emails and forms with DETAILED filming and dance instructions so that everyone had a similar look.

Your quarantined music video for “Speed of Light” is edited perfectly, swiftly shifting from dancer to dancer and yourself. What was Mykel’s end goal in regards to how you wanted your music video to make in impact?

I wanted movement. The editing really could have broken our concept if it wasn't executed correctly. Francois Bittar killed it!! We wanted to showcase everybody as much as possible, while also setting up our main message of supporting the arts during COVID-19, and giving people a way to stay creating and moving while social distancing. And on top of that staying true to the reality that we were all self filming in basements, laundry rooms, and back yards haha. That combined with the effects almost disguises the fact that we are all in cramped spaces. It gives life to the video. 

Speaking on your music video for “Speed of Light”, what made Mykel want to take this conceptual route, rather than waiting until you could create a regular and in-person music video?

It all started with a phone call from my producer Brandon Jarrett. We had written this song for a television project almost a year earlier, and once I had to relocate to quarantine and put my other releases on hold, I thought it would be a perfect time to release this type of track. Not to mention I needed to fill my newfound free time somehow. The song is the complete opposite of how I was actually feeling in quarantine, but I thought it was important to release a track like that to give people something to smile and dance to. The video concept that followed was just so timely and relevant, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to stretch myself and make it happen! 

With a message of doing what you love through your music video “Speed of Light”, how does Mykel stay busy during these times? How do you keep your creative juices flowing to write new music?

Well, it definitely depends on the day. I feel like 2020 has been testing all of us in so many ways. For me, I try to write every day. Some of the best songs come from the most confusing and dark times. I also am learning to self produce, which has been quite an adventure haha. And being back to my social media antics has been refreshing, to be honest. I'm learning to find the positive in having more time to breathe.



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