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Experience the Fresh Stylings of TYE and His Diverse Debut Album 'I'm Not Perfect'

Hailing from West Philidelphia, the versatile Hip-Hop Artist and Rapper TYE releases a musical fusion with his debut album, 'I'm Not Perfect.' Having released two EP's this year, titled 'B4' and 'After,' TYE has finally navigated his sound to release an entire album with powerhouse features that let listeners into his diverse and dynamic sound. When listening to TYE's music, one is met with themes of destiny, relationships, childhood memories, college, and the challenging living conditions in the city of Philadelphia. While garnering fans through heavy and relatable lyrical concepts, TYE has further proved himself a notable artist by opening for Travis Scott, Machine Gun Kelly, BoyWonder, and many more.

Through the release of his latest body of work and debut album, 'I'm Not Perfect,' TYE delivers what he does best and keeps us on our toes with his gripping bars, indicating his exceptional songwriting talent and dynamic sounds that offer elements of traditional Hip-Hop, Gospel, Pop, Trap, and R&B. TYE delivers this incredible sense of knowledge, power, and poise while he spits his rhythmic bars over the sensational production that screams versatility.

Not to mention the various features on TYE's album 'I'm Not Perfect,' we can hear the likes of Shawn Smith, Ally Cocaine, Murkemz, Jacqueline Constance, and many more. After listening to the project, we're initially drawn to the power and life that the second track, "Never Switch (feat. Reseyolo & Shawn Smith)," exudes. Listeners can quickly tell that the album is bursting with flavor and texture, as we also hear more reflective and introspective tracks like the intro piece, "Time Will Tell," a mid-tempo blend of R&B and modern Hip-Hop that allows listeners to gear up for the rest of the diverse project.

Looking up to artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Childish Gambino, we can genuinely hear TYE's musical influences shine through on his album "I'm Not Perfect." Primarily through solo tracks like "Everything We Been Through," "How I Really Feel," "The Comfort Zone," and "More to Say," TYE delves incredibly deep with his lyrical concepts surrounding his deepened emotions and sensations of desire, similar to the profound lyrical talent of his inspirations.

We also hear a few interludes, like "Voicemail Skit 1," "Voicemail Skit 2," and the sweet Gospel-infused piece "Sunday Church (Interlude)" that livens the album with soul. Getting to the goods, TYE moves from the prior interlude into the powerful Gospel-inspired track "Sunday Church (feat. Vargo Rendalli, TobyVEnT, Dani Allen, DJ Wayne Stackz, Kim Beatty, & an Absent Minded Choir)." This track is truly the highlight of the album, as TYE gathers his grace for God and various artists who share the same mindset to deliver a whopping sense of belief and faith.

We must also note the modernity and depth that TYE provides with help from talented features on songs like "Sistas (feat. Jacqueline Constance, Jahwula, & Seraiah Nicole)," "She Loves the Band (feat. BoyWonder, Extra Kach, & Re-Mus)," "Cash App (feat. Murkemz, B. Sheray, & Ally Cocaine) [Remix]," and "Everything You Never Had (feat. Jo Rivers)." Moving from fiery party tunes to reflective and passionate ballads, we couldn't have asked for a more dynamic project.

Overall, we highly encourage our readers to take a listen to TYE's exceptional debut album 'I'm Not Perfect,' as he might not be, but the project itself doesn't fall too far. We're highly impressed with the poise, power, and emotion we're met with when experiencing TYE's album, as it truly makes a mark on the industry and Hip-Hop world.

Hello TYE, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're highly impressed with the dynamic range in both sound and lyricism within your debut album 'I'm Not Perfect.' When did you begin creating songs for the project?

For the last 3 years, I’ve been developing my sound and songwriting. While perfecting my abilities as an artist, I’ve always had this project in mind because I knew I wanted to create something memorable and special. The majority of the project was written and recorded within the last 18 months.

Speaking on the various features within your album 'I'm Not Perfect,' why did you want to feature many different artists and expand your collaborations?

I view collaborations as a natural process when creating music. Some of my favorite sessions came as a result of collaborating with the artists featured on my project. I’m blessed to have amazingly talented friends and colleagues so adding various artists to multiple songs was easy because I laid the foundation for every record before any of the featured artists were added. On a more personal note, I’m still developing my voice melodically and I understood that certain songs needed singers and vocalists for the songs to reach their full potential.

Regarding one song in particular from your album 'I'm Not Perfect,' what was the creative/recording process like for "Sunday Church (feat. Vargo Rendalli, TobyVEnT, Dani Allen, DJ Wayne Stackz, Kim Beatty, & an Absent Minded Choir)?"

About 3 years ago, I wrote Sunday Church; the song originally did not feature anyone. Over time, I felt like the song was missing something so I rewrote my verse, added a choir, multiple singers, and a hypeman. The additional recordings required a 12-hour studio session that was split between 3 days. Being in the studio with over 10 extremely talented people using their gifts to praise the lord was an amazing experience that I feel blessed to have curated.

Did you have any help when creating the production/instrumentation on your album 'I'm Not Perfect?' Did you reach out to any Producers or Engineers to help execute your vision?

Throughout the process of creating I’m Not Perfect, I played music for my loved ones and ultimately trusted their ears, as well as the skill of my engineer Zack Hanni. Zack and I stayed up arguing, mixing, and listening to my project until we felt like every element was perfect and fit cohesively. I’m grateful for Cierra Strickland, Dante Henry, Sean Harrell, Joelle Dobson, Chesney Watson, Kiara Baker, Antonio Gardner, Jabree Reaves, Jason Hodges, Antoine Mcclary, Asan Rozier, James Brunson, Zack Hanni, and Gage Bingham for the roles they played in helping my growth as an artist.

Why did you want to wait and release your debut album 'I'm Not Perfect' further into your music career? Is there a reason why you took a few years to drop an entire album?

To be honest, I wasn’t ready. Between the years of 2011 and 2015, I released 3 mixtapes that received very little traction because my sound and voice weren’t where they needed to be. Instead of blaming others for their lack of support, I decided to take a hiatus from releasing music and truly focus on my growth. Once I felt comfortable releasing music, I began building my audience so that I’m Not Perfect would reach as many listeners as possible. Throughout the process of creating I’m Not Perfect, I went through my fair share of trials and tribulations, and the project did too. During this journey, I’ve learned so much about myself and I felt like it was only right to release the project on my birthday November 16, 2020.

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