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Experience The Intensity Of Emotion With Flamingo King’s “Dancing For Eternity”

Flamingo King is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist based in Los Angeles. The co-founder of the Flamingo Mafia, a small art collective of friends and family, he is always creating and urging others to express themselves. Flamingo King uses his composing as an outlet and through his music he speaks the emotions we all sometimes find hard to communicate. Flamingo King’s music comes to life with vocal deliveries from his closest friends and loved ones. Everything done “in-house” made with love and a sense of togetherness which all reflects in his sound.

“Dancing For Eternity” is a unique blend of instruments that take the listener on an emotional journey. It evokes emotions that are reminiscent of the happiest and hardest times that we all experience in life. Flamingo King creates intense ballads and establishes emotive sounds you can dance or cry to. His versatility and creativity allow him to curate music that sparks a sense of connection from the listener. The instrumentals through out “Dancing For Eternity” give the track an ethereal rock vibe that we can’t get enough of. It’s experimental and charmingly lofi, we love the sounds that Flamingo King creates. Stay on the lookout for what her delivers next!

Check out “Dancing For Eternity” here and keep scrolling for an exclusive with Flamingo King.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about your upbringing and how you got started in music?

I started at a young age playing drums, actually the steel drums was the first instrument I ever played seriously in my elementary school band. I think that really engrained not only rhythm but a sense of melody into my head early on. My mom always encouraged art and music and anything creative. So making loud noises was always welcome in our house. But It wasnt until many years later I was able to afford a guitar and from there its like all that rhythm and melody I stored inside my head all kicked off and I was hooked all day every day.

We love your track “Dancing For Eternity”, it’s very awakening. What emotions did you channel in order to write this piece?

It’s that feeling of the unknown, the “what if”, the “where are they now”. We all have those people in our lives that for whatever the reason may be didnt make it out of the other side from whatever they were going through. Whether it be physical or emotional pain. And I wonder about them. I know their struggle and I know they tried. Its that feeing of loss, but with a happy ending I guess you could say.

Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics in “Dancing For Eternity”?

I wanted a pretty straight forward approach to the lyrics. Almost as if it was some sort of journal entry. Expressing the love and appreciation for all the moments you shared with someone. I didnt really think much when writing it, thats probly why theres no metaphors or cleverness. Just straight forward feelings

Do you have any musical influences that inspire your music? How so? 

So many! Artists like John Frusciante taught me almost everything I know about music, he’s someone who’s been a constant influence through out my life. But I’m thankful that I genuinely enjoy all music. I draw inspiration from so many artists. I love new music, old music, anything that bops. There’s of course the bands who I had to learn every song off of their albums as a kid...Nirvana, Chili Peppers, Sublime. But then sometimes I may just like a song or two by an artist but im like “Dammm I really fucking love that song!” And it’ll inspire me to the fullest. Then of course I go back to all the classics Jimi, Led Zeppelin, 2Pac, Bone Thugs, The Doors...then right back to Glass Animals, Foals, The 1975, Kid Cudi. Throw in some doo wop along the way and I’m set.

What’s next for Flamingo King?

A lot more music. I’ve been working with some really talented vocalist/rappers around Los Angeles and Im super excited to show the world my versatility. I dont belong in any sort of box. Dancing for Eternity is definitely a vibe but my next single will be a completely different wave.


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