Experience the Liveliness of Corey Britz's Single, "She Come Ready"

The multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Corey Britz releases his recent album, 'Slightly Exaggerated Tales of Past Events,' with a highlighted and beaming introductory track, "She Come Ready."

Also an active composer, producer, and session player, Corey Britz acts as the bassist of multiplatinum rock band BUSH. Having collaborated with acts like Dave Stewart, P!NK, Atlas Genius, and more, Corey Britz felt compelled to head down the path of a solo music career.

Recently releasing his 10-track album, 'Slightly Exaggerated Tales of Past Events,' Corey Britz takes listeners through a timeless 80s inspired vibe fusing elements of the past and present. Highlighting the album's intro track, "She Come Ready," listeners are bound to feel lifted after taking a listen.

Hitting play on "She Come Ready," the track opens with a punchy and rhythmic drum arrangement that crashes into a wailing lead guitar and uplifting background keys. As the warm and wavy atmosphere floats through our speakers, Corey Britz makes his vocal appearance and takes us by surprise with his airy and warm vocal stylings. As he begins to expand on the song's lyrical theme, we begin to feel a sense of reflection and emotion.

Diving deeper into the track, Corey Britz delivers an upbeat Maroon 5-like tune that takes on the theme of wishing someone would stay a little while longer but letting them come by for a moment anyway. As Corey Britz holds our hands and leads us to the outro of this dynamic tune, we're met with a chilling array of guitar riffs, bass licks, and warm drum breaks that end the song on a passionate note.

Feel the warmth and emotion of Corey Britz's lively single, "She Come Ready," and find his recent album, 'Slightly Exaggerated Tales of Past Events,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Corey Britz and welcome to BuzzMusic. We adore the passionate, honest, and lively approach you've taken with your recent hit, "She Come Ready." What inspired the lyrical theme within this single?

"She Come Ready" is about being used but being ok with it. Some relationships are deep and beautiful, others are not, but both can be great if those involved are on the same page. And you never know, sometimes the most trivial things prove to be the exact opposite in time.

What did your songwriting process look like for " She Come Ready"? Was it easy for you to write lyrics that tell such a relatable story?

The writing process for She Come Ready was a long one. I wrote the chorus first and spent several months writing and rewriting the verses trying to properly express what I wanted to say. The early iterations were a bit too tongue in cheek, and I didn’t want it to be. I wanted to drive home the fact that though the relationship was shallow and convenient, there was an element of both people being able to count on the other when they needed them.

Did you have any exterior musical influences in mind when creating your track, "She Come Ready?" What sort of vibe did you want to deliver?

There are elements in this track that definitely hint at some of my favorite records. The synth/guitar hook takes me back to the brat pack era soundtracks, while the groove and chords remind me of some of my favorite Peter Gabriel tracks.

Did you create the entire instrumental yourself for "She Come Ready?" Or were you accompanied by any other producers, engineers, or musicians?

There were several people involved in this song. I co-produced the track with Travis Ference, and had the pleasure of having Justin Derrico play guitar, and Nik Hughes play the drums.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on a new batch of songs that I hope to release this fall, and hopefully, I can get back to touring as soon as possible.

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