Experience the Mysticism of Getters New Music Video for, "Privilege"

The Houston-based alternative trio Getters put on quite the show with a stimulating and visually pleasing music video for their recent single, "Privilege."

Comprised of Micah Miller, Jerry Nettles, and Christopher Goodwin, Getters pride themselves on their realistic and genuine lyrical themes, never shining a light on rose-colored visions. Having been a part of various musical groups throughout the years, Getters came together after two decades of friendship to create their trio along with music that satisfies every ounce of their being.

Viewers and listeners can catch Getters in their latest music video for "Privilege," soaking in the mysticism and wonder of the burlesque dancers at an extravagant event. The song itself is incredibly hazy and sultry, which is amplified in the band's new music that takes us into haunting scenes of lust, desire, and wonder.

Taking a peek at the music video for "Privilege," the venture begins with Getters in a black and white shot and dressed to the nines. As they approach a house with a disco-studded doorman who asks them for the password, Getters are later let into the scene where they're met with various women who graciously hand them a drink on their silver platters.

As the video begins to develop, it turns to color as Getters are seen sitting in front of a stage full of burlesque dancers and entertainers. As they make their way to a room with a mystical fortune teller, she later pulls out her tarot cards and shares some rough news with the band. As the video closes, Getters take a breath of fresh air as they become surrounded by the fire jugglers, sword swallowers, and various other entertainers that leave us in awe.

Find Getters' new music video for "Privilege" on YouTube, and discover their recent EP 'We Are Getters' on all digital streaming platforms.


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