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Experience the Sounds of "White Smoke," From Korfian

Korfian is an ongoing music project produced by recording artist and graphic designer Spyros Psarras. Based in Athens, Greece, Korfian's sound has been likened to Depeche Mode, Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami, and TsarB. Ethereal and enigmatic, dark and gritty, his music is defined by otherworldly reverberations, tense beats, and dramatic soundscapes.

Drowning in a cosmic vibe that sweeps us into an otherworldly ambiance rich in lulling synths that tiptoe the line of ominous, Korfian’s most recent single “White Smoke,” symbolizes the reign and leadership that is instilled with a new Pope at the helms.

Dark percussion kicks the evocative tones into high gear as you find furtive qualities skulking in the crevasse of each musical component this song radiates. Korfian’s vocalization is dramaturgical in delivery, as his alluring tone pulls you into the emphasis locked into his narrative. Hypnotized by the sensual grasp that has you unknowingly wanting more of Korfian’s vocal performance before you even realize it, the magnitude in which he flourishes is victorious in a major way.

Heaps of reverberated echoes and distorted texture reinstates the emphasis that lies in the lyrical motif “white smoke will take over, this is my kingdom come.” Korfian’s talents are inimitable, to say the least. The manner that his artistry drips into a pool of ubiquitous reflections is uncanny and has us unceasingly asking for another trip on the sonic expedition embarked. As the blurred clouds evaporate into a heedful series of realizations, the transparency falls into the arms of Korfian in “White Smoke.”

We are fully entranced by the unique soundscape that you impeccably deliver. What prompted your inspiration for “White Smoke?" This EP called 'Legacy' is about becoming the leaders of ourselves and silencing the voices that have been leading us since our birth. I needed to find a figure of leadership and authority to visualize that. The concept of a king sounded kind of cliche to me and the next idea that came during research was the Pope. So the song would have to talk about the election of a new Pope and the announcement through white smoke, as we all know. Coming from your EP 'Legacy,' how does “White Smoke compare to the other songs offered on this body of work? 'White Smoke' offered the inspiration for the theme and visuals of this whole body of work. And even though it wasn't the first one I wrote for Legacy, it ended up being the core of it because of the importance of the role it played. Could you please share the creative process that you took on when you brought this song to life? Are there any memorable moments that have made the process more rewarding? It started with research around the Vatican and the process of the Pope's election. I ended up translating the actual announcement speech from Italian to English and using it as the chorus of the song with a couple of alterations. The fact that it came out great without spoiling the actual speech, not much at least, was the most rewarding part. Even more when the percussion came to life and sounded as commanding as the lyrics.

What message do you aim to send to your audience as they listen to your musical creations? I can't speak that generally. Each EP since 2017 has something completely different to offer. This time, with 'Legacy' I needed to speak loudly about the struggle of shutting your caretakers out when they start to feel unfamiliar. When you grow and start perceiving the world from a completely different perspective than the one you were taught to see it. It's a shock but it's the greatest awakening. Most of us go through it at some point and we need to know that we are not alone. It's normal not to be a copy of your caretakers. It needs a lot of work to find your own voice but it will pay off! What's next for you? Not sure yet but for now I can say I've written my second Greek song after 3 years. I'm currently updating my home studio to get back to creating as soon as possible, with even better equipment!



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