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Experience the Sultry Wrath of HAVS, With Her Recent Single "Godspeed (Feat. Marcothatsall)"

Coming in from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the flavorful Singer/Songwriter HAVS releases an empowering yet soothing single for the soul with "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)."

Known for her broad and adaptable sound, HAVS pushes the boundaries of genres while continuing to garner inspiration from timeless R&B.

Through her recent single, "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)," HAVS teamed up with Producer Marcothatsall who continues to challenge Hip-Hop and R&B through his 6+ years of knowledge towards writing and composing.

Regarding the powerful single, "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)," we hear the soulful stylings of HAVS while accompanied by the serene and gripping production by Marcothatsall. HAVS provides listeners a spiteful and spicy tune through her reminiscent lyricism while pushing to overcome the situation and reminding herself of the trouble her past relationship caused.

"Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)" opens with Marcothatsall's sweet-sounding production through ambient keys and delicate percussion patterns. As HAVS enters the song with her warm and melodic vocals, she graces our ears with lyrics surrounding the journey towards independence and leaving someone behind.

Around the chorus, we hear nothing but Marcothatsall's vibrant R&B production highlighting HAVS' vocals dropping f-bombs left, right, and center. The track truly sends us into a place of empowering bliss through Marcothatsall's tender and intricate production and HAVS' relatable lyricism.

HAVS has honestly outdone herself with her sultry, empowering, and stimulating single, "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)," and the surrounding production by Marcothatsall brings the track incredible power and stamina to keep moving until the very last beat.

What initially inspired you to create such an empowering, relatable, and spiteful tune with "Godspeed (Marcothatsall)?"

HAVS: This song started as a freestyle. It was supposed to be a venting song. I recorded it at home using the beat that Marco sent me a couple of days before and sent it to him as a joke (kind of, half-serious). He liked it and suggested releasing it as his first song as a producer. We've been wanting to work on something together for a while so this seemed like a kismet opportunity. I think the realness in the song is what makes it so empowering. I wasn't worrying about what anyone would think, it was purely for me.

You mentioned that Producer Marcothatsall and yourself went 50/50 on the creation of "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)." What was your collaboration like when making the track from the ground up?

HAVS: Marco made the beat in his time, and I put together the lyrics and melody/flow in my time. From there we've been working collaboratively on the artwork, release, and any other decisions or ideas. He sent over a few beats that he made with me in mind and Godspeed is the one that I felt the most aligned with.

Did Marcothatsall help you write the lyrics for "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)," or was your songwriting process an internal experience?

HAVS: The process of writing the lyrics was very internal. Like I said it was initially just me venting to the mic. I pressed record and liked what I got from it. From there I finalized a few lines and turned it into what it is now.

How did Marcothatsall manage to formulate the production to offer such serenity and warmth within "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)"? What sort of feeling and atmosphere did you want the production to provide?

Marco: I was listening to a lot of "partynextdoor" at the time that I made this. I wanted to implement some of the darker sounds with a heavy bass line. I made a few beats with HAVS in mind and this was the one that she ended up using.

What can we expect to see next from you?

HAVS: I have a couple of singles and videos lined up for 2021. I've also been collaboratively working on some healing songs to accompany meditations.

Marco: I'll be going public with my beat store ( on November 27th with a ton of vibes including trap, afrobeat, etc.

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